How to Bug-Proof Your Apartment in Rollingwood, TX & Keep Pests Like Cockroaches, Bed Bugs & More Out

For most Americans, living in an apartment is an attractive option. Apartments often come with benefits not available to house ownership. Neighbors tend to share a lot, due to the close design of apartments. Sharing peculiar odors, obnoxious loud noises, and other nuisances may be tolerable, but sharing pests isn’t. Apartments are one of the most challenging buildings for pest control. Due to the tight fit of apartments however, pests can easily penetrate and spread through multiple apartments utility lines as well as walls and floors. Through inadequately weather-stripping doors and apartments, ventilation slats for HVAC system units, sliding glass doors, open doors and windows, among other means are how infestations begin. Both indoors and outdoors on the terrace, the potted plants can give the pests incentive and means to get inside. Today, we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to continue discussing pests and apartment living. Among the most common of pests that frequent apartments, are ants, birds, roaches, flies, bed bugs, wasps, rodents and birds. Some infestations can be prevented, or at the least, limit the infestation, where others are unavoidable. Below are a few tips to help prevent serious pest infestations.

Pests Bought In Boxes & Packages

Pests can easily hitch-hike into your apartment. Cardboard boxes house many insects and when they are used to ship your goods. Insects can take refuge in the boxes and arrive in your home during the transit. Inspect the box before you take it inside if possible, otherwise be sure to check it out immediately.

Likelihood of Bed Bugs in Used Furniture

The seemingly harmless, yet stunning pieces can be harboring a number of bugs despite the 2nd hand furniture can have the right fit for your apartment’s décor. Be sure to inspect every inch of it thoroughly in the event there is one you simply adore. Make certain to treat the furniture before bringing it in your home should any infestation exists.

Cockroaches or Bed Bugs in Luggage

Any type of infestations can exist in a variety of places of lodging and public places. Any insect can be brought back to your apartment unknowingly, though bed bugs are the most common. When you get home, the insects will commonly slip into your luggage and escape into your apartment. Make certain to inspect your stuff as you unpacked and use the vacuum hose to clean out the luggage to prevent the infestation.

How to Prevent Pests in Apartment

To reduce or even avoid pest infestations from occurring comes from taking the right steps. In an effort to prevent the infestations from happening in your apartment, below are a few steps to take.
– Maintain the space surrounding the pet bowls and the pet bowls themselves clean.
– In sealed, pest-proof containers, store the pet food and pantry foods.
– Evaluate sinks, piping appliances, and other water fixtures for leaks and have them repaired promptly.
– Routinely dispose of garbage in sealed receptacles.
– In addition to spot mopping the floors in the kitchen, clean up the crumbs and residues by wiping down the countertops and sweeping.
– Vacuum daily or as often as possible.
– You need to know of the apartment complex includes pest control in the terms of the lease, or whether you need to invest in routine pest management maintenance.

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