How to Avoid Bed Bugs when Traveling & How to Check a Hotel Room for Signs in Round Rock, TX

There are two times in the year that traveling is at an all-time high. One happens to be in the dead of winter during the holidays and the other is in the summer. The summer brings with it nice warm weather and the kids are out of school. Traveling for a family vacation, work or to visit loved ones means flights or long car rides and often a stay at a hotel. That also means that the odds of you coming across someone that has bed bugs increases as well. The more you are out in public and the closer you are to other people the better your chance. That is why being in an airport that has people from all over the world coming and going is a risk. Hotels and motels are a huge problem because often the staff that is sent to clean a room is not taking time to inspect the area. They are simply getting their job done and can easily overlook the tiny and well-hidden bed bugs. You need to do what you can as a traveler to avoid bed bugs and to keep them out of your home when you return.

A-Tex Pest Management Offers Tips on Avoiding Bed Bugs when Traveling for the Summer

Do All Cities Have Bed Bugs?: One of the questions that pest control specialists are asked is what cities actually have bed bugs. People want to know if they are planning a trip to an area that has them or if they can just relax and enjoy. The fact is that bed bugs exist all over the United States and can be in any city that people live! They survive on the blood of a human and that means if you are there they can be to. No matter where you plan to travel you want to be wary and cautious of bed bugs.
Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?: A tip that is great to use when you are traveling is to make sure you do a visual check on the area that you are staying whether that is a hotel, motel or even a family member’s house. They are called a bed bug which makes people think that they are only on your bed. Although this is the standard feeding area they are happy to exist on any type of fabric where a person may sit or sleep. That means sofas, clothes and luggage that you carry around can all be home to bed bugs.
How to Check a Hotel for Bed Bugs: You want to make sure that when you are staying somewhere you do a quick check when you arrive and before you bring your personal belongings in. You want to start with the bed and pull back the bedding to expose the seams of the mattress. You can pull the seam out and look along the edge for tiny black bugs or small blood stains. If you see signs of bed bugs leave the area and alert the management or homeowner of your findings. Then of course find somewhere else to stay.

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