How Many Mice in a House is Considered an Infestation & Other Mouse Facts in Lost Creek, TX

There is a child’s book that says If you give a mouse a cookie! Well the problem throughout the book is that the mouse is never happy with just a cookie. He ends up wanting more and more and seems to be in constant need and want. This is all too true when you realize that you have a mouse infestation (just two mice are considered an infestation). When you have mice in your home there are a plethora of problems that they bring as well. Most people don’t realize that they are quite a destructive bunch and can breed quite fast. You should know more about these little critters to best know how to have them treated. A-Tex Pest Management lists facts about mice that you may not have known.

What Percentage of Homes have Mice in Them?

When you see one of these furry little critters run by the first thought might be shame. You wonder how you could be the one house that has mice! There is no need to feel that way because mice are a huge problems in homes all over the US. There are millions of homes that become victim to a mouse infestation every single year. The biggest influx in mouse infestations happens in the fall to winter months. They are not adapt to live in the cold so they get in your house during these chilly days. As soon as you suspect an issue it is important to call a professional to have your home treated.

Mice Eat All the Time

When you look at a tiny little mouse you are not thinking about how much they eat. They seem to be able to eat a small amount due to their size but that is not true. A mouse will actually eat up to 20 times a day! That is a lot since most homes are invaded by more than one mouse. They also are eating so often that they want to nest near an area that has easy access to food. This can be near your pets foods or in the back of your pantry. You can check for signs of mice eating your food by looking for corners of boxes chewed off.

Mice are Good Jumpers, Swimmers & Climbers

You might think that some of the areas of your home are safe from mice. The problem is that they are great at swimming, climbing, jumping and even squeezing through small spaces. When you see a mouse they can be moving around your home to every single corner. There is nothing that is safe from a mouse. The other issue is that mice are smart enough to hide out when they hear noise and come out only when the dark of night has settled in. They know to stay near the edge of a wall or cabinet so that they are less likely to be seen. They also can push through a very small opening to gain access to your house.

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