How Do I Protect Myself from a Bed Bug Infestation this Holiday Season in Briarcliff, TX? Check for Bed Bugs & More

The holiday season is the highest travel season throughout the year. The reason is that people are choosing to travel to their family’s home and even go on vacations during the holiday. The holidays and the weather during the holidays is not the reason that bed bugs are a problem for many people but the traveling. The traveling is the biggest reason that people come in contact with bed bugs. You don’t need to come in contact with a huge infestation of bed bugs to bring them home. It can easily come to your home by a simple few bed bugs that attach to you and your belongings. Bed bugs are a very hard pest to deal with and will require the assistance of professional that has experience in treating bed bugs. A-Tex Pest Management outlines what you can do to keep bed bugs away from you and your home this busy holiday traveling season.

Protect Luggage from Bed Bugs

One of the ways that bed bugs are transported are by a person that has bed bugs in their home and they leave on vacation. Bed bugs are very small and can easily catch a ride on a piece of luggage or clothing. That person packs their belongings and send it on the flight. If you are unlucky enough to catch the same flight your luggage could be at risk of catching them. Your luggage can be covered and kept sealed in a plastic bag that can help keep the fabric of your luggage covered so that the bed bug has no place to attach to. You can also try to keep your carryon luggage with you or at least covered as well.

Check for Bed Bugs in Your Hotel Room

Another place that many people come in contact with bed bugs and bring the infestation home is from their hotel room. The reason is that a hotel room is a place that people are housed for a day or two at a time, cleaned and turned over to the next guest. The problem comes when a person brings in bed bugs and they are not caught before the next person is checked in. A bed bug can last some time without feeding so a few days gap between you coming and the person checking out is still likely. The hotel room needs to be treated by a professional to ensure that the bed bugs are exterminated. What you can do to keep from coming in contact with bed bugs is to leave your luggage out of the room and do an inspection. You want to check the bedding and pull down the sheets. Also check chairs and the mattress for small black spots that could be a bed bug. You can also look for small blood spots that bed bugs will leave behind after feeding. If you see any signs of bed bugs you can call the office and ask for a new room and alert them to the problem. Wait to bring your belongings in until you have a positive inspection.

Bed Bug Pest Inspections, Treatment, Control, Removal & More in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park Texas

If you have come in contact with bed bugs and have them now in your home you need to call a pest control company as soon as possible. Bed bugs are sneaky and will hide away unseen for some time. The first sign is often bites that are found when you wake up in the morning. You don’t want to wait to call a professional because the infestation can get out of hand and it can spread to other people that you come in contact with.

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