How Do You Survive Mosquito Season & Keep Mosquitoes from Biting Your Body in Georgetown, TX?

There are many people that will tell you the thing they dread most about the summer is the onslaught of mosquitoes. These pests can make any outside gathering miserable if you aren’t careful. If you are wondering where they go during the winter and why you need to start worrying about them in the spring, A-Tex Pest Management is here to help. We will be talking about what time of the year you need to start thinking about the pending doom of mosquito season in your area.

Mosquito Temperature Range

When temperatures drop in the winter, mosquitoes do once of two things: lay eggs to hatch in the spring, or find a place to wait out the winter and hibernate. You will find that mosquitoes start to emerge when the weather hits right around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This is considered to be the magical temperature that mosquitoes start to be active again. So depending on where you live, that can be earlier in the year than other areas. It needs to consistently be around 50 degrees for them to be able to function though. Likewise, when the weather starts to hit below this temperature in the fall, you will start to see the mosquito population dwindle as well.

What are the Dangers of Mosquitoes

There are many risks that come from certain mosquito species. They can carry a variety of illnesses that will have a great impact on your overall health. Some of these illnesses can even be deadly when they aren’t treated. These diseases include but are not limited to the following:
– Malaria
– Yellow Fever
– Zika
– West Nile
– Dengue
– Easter Equine Encephalitis
– & More

How Do You Prepare & Survive a Mosquito Season?

There are several things that should be done before mosquito season even starts. Many people don’t even think about mosquitoes until they are getting bit for the first time in the season. Here are some of the things that should be done to keep mosquitoes from infesting your property.
– Clean Up Your Yard: If there is any debris like old tires, buckets or trash that could collect water, mosquitoes will be laying eggs there. Remove all the debris from your yard to keep mosquitoes out.
– Clean Gutters: The leaf litter that clogs gutters makes the perfect place for water to pool and eggs to be laid.
– Trim Landscaping: Mosquitoes are always looking for a cool place to hang out in the heat of the day. By trimming your landscaping, you are eliminating these places.
– Replace Screens with Holes: It doesn’t take a very big hole in your screen for mosquitoes to gain entrance into your home.

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If you have had problems in the past with mosquitoes on your property, you can call on the experts at A-Tex Pest Management to help you get the problem under control this summer. We have the skills needed to help you enjoy your yard throughout this summer without mosquitoes. Call us today!

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