How Do I Keep Mosquitoes from Hanging Around My Yard in Liberty Hill, TX?

Mosquitoes are more than annoying. They can spread diseases too. West Nile virus is one of the most common mosquito-borne diseases in the United States but there have also been Dengue, chikungunya, and Zika virus outbreaks as well. The mosquito would need to carry the virus which can be passed to a person with a single bite but who wants to take the risk? The best thing that you can do is to try and take some steps to prevent mosquitoes from wanting to hang around your home. A-Tex Pest Management lists ways you can prevent mosquitoes from coming around your home and yard.

What Helps Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Use Eucalyptus Oil: If you want a natural way of repelling mosquitoes you can start with eucalyptus oil that you can use to spray around your yard. The smell is enough to repel mosquitoes from wanting to hand around you home. Start with a spray bottle full of water. You can then add a few drops of the oil and shake it up. Before you head outside for an event go out in advance and spray the area with the mixture.
Get Rid Of Standing Water: If you want to get rid of mosquitoes you want to take away the area that they like to hang out. This is fairly simple when talking about mosquitoes since they tend to stay around some kind of standing water. You might think that you don’t have an issue with standing water but you might! It doesn’t take a lot so a dripping hose or a container of water that is left out is enough. The water is the area that is used by the mosquito to lay their eggs for their young. Take time to search around your home and remove any areas that can collect water and make whatever changes are necessary to stop it.
Use Repellent While Outdoors: If you are going to be outdoors in an area that might have mosquitoes flying around you can use citronella candles or other sprays that can be used to deter mosquitoes. Also be aware that during dusk is the most active time for mosquitoes is it is a good idea to try and schedule around this particular time of the morning or evening.

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Sometimes even removing standing water and using repellant is not enough to keep mosquitoes out of your yard. A-Tex Pest Management offers effective, long lasting mosquito fogging treatments. Call us to schedule your next mosquito and other pest services today.

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