Do Mosquitoes Bite or Sting in Del Valle, TX? Infected Mosquito Pests Drink Blood to Transmit Diseases

There is nothing that will ruin your outdoor time as fast as a mosquito infestation. These pests don’t only leave you with raised, itchy welts on your skin, but they carry a high risk of disease transmittal every time they land on you was well. This leads us to the infamous question, “do mosquitoes bite or sting their victims?” The answer to this question is actually neither. A-Tex Pest Management is here to talk about why mosquitoes don’t bite or sting their prey as we delve into how they get to your blood.

Is this a Mosquito Bite or Sting?

While most people refer to these irritating red welts as ‘bites,’ a mosquito doesn’t actually bite you. They don’t open their mouth and they don’t bite your skin. Unlike other stinging pests like bees and wasps, they don’t sting you either. This would require them to insert a stinger into your skin and eject venom there; which mosquitoes just don’t do. They actually insert a very small needle into your skin that has a channel that allows them to suck your blood. While most people refer to this as a bite, it isn’t really either a bite or a sting.

How Do Mosquitoes Find You?

Have you noticed that mosquitoes know almost immediately when you step outside your home and it is early dawn or dusk? This may leave you wondering how in the world they even know you’re there! They can actually detect your sweat as well as the carbon dioxide that you breathe. In fact, they can detect these two things up to 55 yards away. No wonder they seem to find you almost immediately.

Why Do You Generally Not Feel Pain when a Mosquito Bites You?

We will refer to a mosquito bite as a bite even though they don’t actually open their mouths and bite your skin. It is quite remarkable that they can insert a small needle into your skin and you almost don’t have any idea that it is happening. This is because their saliva contains a mixture of chemicals that don’t only reduce the pain associated with a needle stabbing your skin, but they also don’t allow your blood to clot making it possible to suck your blood through the small needle.

Mosquito Borne Diseases

Like mentioned above, there are several diseases and illnesses that are passed along by mosquitoes. Some of them can truly lower your quality of life and even cause death. Here are some of the most common diseases that are passed on by mosquitoes.
– Zika Virus
– West Nile Virus
– Dengue Fever
– Malaria
– & More

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