DIY VS Professional Stinging Wasp & Nest Removal in Lago Vista, TX; Will Wasps Return to Destroyed Nests & More

Being primarily social insects, wasps are frequently nesting as a colony. So, when you see one wasp, his friends are likely not too far away. It is usually in your better interest to have the nest removed in the event you discover one on your property in order to avoid the assault of painful and multiple stings. For those with allergic reactions to wasp stings, it is vital the nest be removed. Until the threat is neutralized, confronting thousands of aggressive wasps capable of multiple stings that will defend their nest may not sound too complicated, however, a professional is the better solution. With this in mind, we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to recommend professional removal and share why it is best to hire an expert.

How Many Times Can a Wasp Sting?

Unlike bees that sting once and done, wasps deliver multiple stings until they are satisfied the threat is neutralized. Additionally, there is a serious logistical challenge when removing the nest, as wasps can nest in a remarkable range of locations. When you set out to eliminate the wasp nest, the hard to reach locations can present other challenges. A fully exposed wasp nest can be efficiently exterminated using effective aerosol products if you know what you are doing, however, the partially concealed nest needs to be dealt with before retaliation, which can be difficult if you have no training. Without the proper training for execution, homeowners should call professionals to remove the wasp nest due to these challenges, otherwise, they are likely to experience the painful and repeated stings wasps deliver.

Wasps Will Attack when Provoked

Even with right clothing protecting homeowners, mistakes can be made and either the colony isn’t effectively eliminated, and a rather gruesome attack can ensue. Though wasps do not inject venom, the number of stings can be more than a nuisance, especially with swelling making the stinging sites more uncomfortable, resulting in a rather painful and unpleasant experience.
Though rare, results can be fatal, from the additional varying degrees of allergies that are triggered with their stings as attempting nest removal can present a number of medical complications. Without the right training it is not worth the risk to handle a wasp nest on your own. With a dependable professional to entrust this task to, it is well worth the investment.

Will Wasps Return to a Destroyed Nest?

Professional services are not only affordable, but with effective methods, their skills, expertise, and effective products can ensure safe and efficient results. Should you manage to successfully remove the nest, survivors can return and in a matter of time before they are colonized once again. Generally, professionals guarantee their work, and if the nest comes back in a short time frame, they will often take care of it at no cost.

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Wasps are highly known to invade trash areas and water locations in search of meats and sweet offerings left over from your scraps. To ensure the wasp nest is completely removed, call A-Tex Pest Management if you spot wasps on your property and our professionals will take care of the wasps safely and efficiently.

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