Disease Spread By Rats or Mice to Humans in The Hills, TX; Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, Rat Bite Fever & More

One of the worst types of infestations that home owners are forced to deal with is that of rats or mice. Not only do these rodents cause a great deal of damage to homes every year, but they also carry with them extremely dangerous diseases that can be spread to humans. Rats and mice can easily get into a home that is not well protected or fortified to combat such rodents. Mice and rats have the ability to squeeze through the smallest cracks or crevices that they can find in or around your home. Once inside they will immediately begin searching for a reliable food source and a place to build their nest.

Fleas on Rats Spread the Bubonic Plague

One of the most dangerous diseases that rats have been known to spread directly to humans is the bubonic plague, also known as the “Black Plague”. The spreading of this disease occurs when fleas that are on rats bite a human. Fleas that are transported on rats are considered responsible for this disease during the Middle Ages which ended up killing millions of people. Rat infestations are very dangerous when it comes to the health and well being of humans.

Rat & Mice Allergy Symptoms

Not only do Rats and Mice spread horrible diseases to humans but they can also be the cause of allergies as well. Rats and mice are both a source of allergens and this happens when their droppings, dander and hair are spread throughout a home. Rat and mice droppings, dander and hair can cause people to sneeze uncontrollably and experience other types of allergic reactions. If you notice rat or mice dropping anywhere in your home, contact A-Tex Pest Management immediately to get this problem resolved as quickly as possible.

Diseases Caused by Rodent Droppings & Bites

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome is a viral disease that is transmitted by the rice rat. This disease can be spread to humans by inhaling dust that is contaminated with rat urine or droppings, direct contact with rat urine or droppings and being bitten by a rat. Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis and Rat Bite Fever are other potentially fatal diseases that rats spread directly to humans as well.

Rodent Pest Inspections, Control & More in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Cedar Park & Austin Texas

If you suspect that rats or mice may be near or inside of your home, contact A-Tex Pest Management immediately. We will conduct a thorough rodent inspection and then recommend a custom treatment plan in order to get rid of the rodent infestation quickly and effectively. Call us today!

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