Causes of a Pest Infestation in Hudson Bend, TX; Food, Water, Shelter, Clutter, Hitchhiking Pests & More

For many people, encountering pests can leave them with an unsettled feeling that makes them feel on edge worrying that something is in hiding and waiting for an opportunity to sneak back out. This feeling is even worse when we find pests somewhere in our homes. While it is next to impossible to completely eliminate the possibility of pests finding a way to enter our homes, we can reduce the flow of pests from getting in. According to the experts at A-Tex Pest Management, the first step to reducing the possibility of pests within your home is to understand their behavior and why and how they are coming in to begin with. Our knowledgeable experts have provided the following information about pests and why they may be finding a way into your home.

How Do Pests Enter a Home or Establishment?

• Pests hitch a ride with you – while you may not want to think about it, you and your family are often the leading cause of bringing insects, spiders and other pests into your home. You can bring them in on your clothing, shoes, and luggage. Bedbugs for example can attach themselves to your clothing and since you and your family are a consistent food source they have the potential to produce offspring leading to ongoing problems.
• Weather brings pests inside – Seasonal changes in weather are one of the most common reasons for pests finding ways into homes and seeking shelter. They look for the cool in summer and warmth during winter and can be competitors for food sources. Mice and rats create problems in the home and can chew on wires and spread disease.
• Pests were there before you – if you have recently moved into a new home and you are already experiencing pest problems chances are they were there before you got there.
• Pests like the way your home is organized – Silly as it sounds, the way you keep your home may just be the perfect habitat for certain types of pests to get comfortable. The Brown recluse spider for example prefers dark spaces. If you keep papers and boxes picked up and properly stored in plastic containers you are going to reduce their ability to find suitable places to hide.

Home Pest Sealing

How do you keep pests away from your home? Make sure the entrances to your home are secure to keep pests from getting in. Seal food packages or keep opened boxes like cereal and other grains in air-tight containers. Clean up crumbs and other items of food immediately. Block any holes near doors and windows to stop pest and rodents from entering.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs in Your House or Apartment

Check around your bed and nightstand on a regular basis, including flipping your mattress over to check for signs of bedbugs which include tiny dark red or black looking spots. If you are concerned about bugs in your clothes, use your clothes dryer. Heat will kill off bed bugs quickly and a good rule of thumb is to wash and dry your clothes as soon as you return you from a business trip or vacation, especially after staying in a hotel.

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