Winterizing Your Round Rock TX Home to Keep Pests Out; Pest Prevention, Control & Removal

When the weather changes in the fall, the little critters that torment our homes and yards are seeking refuge from the cold. Now is the time to winterize your home in preparation for the uninvited guests and hinder their squatting behavior.

A-Tex Pest Management would like to offer you some tips and advice to keep the insects and wild animal life from infesting your home and property.

Start by removing potential habitats that may be normally inviting to them.

– Remove any debris from gutters and downspouts. Leaves, sticks, dirt and other grime make a natural home for many pests, keep it clean.
– Ensure the downspouts will revert the water flow away from the home.
Dispose of the clutter around your home. Remove any piled up garden equipment and relocate them to the garage or shed. Ensure all trash, leaves and other debris are cleared away from your home. Any building materials like unused, bricks or wood piles should be relocated away from your house, and perhaps relocated to the outer perimeter of your property.
– Neatly stack the firewood away from your home.
Mulch should be pulled away from your home.
– Keep trash can lids on tightly, and preferably, store them further from the home. Insects and vermin are attracted to the bins looking for food and warmth.
– Do the end of the season pruning and hedging. Keep branches and plants away from your home’s foundation.
– Thoroughly remove the leaves from porches, patios, driveways, and the yard.
Yellow sodium light bulbs don’t attract insect life, replace your ordinary exterior bulbs to hinder the pests.

Finally, do a meticulous inspection around your home. Here is what to look for:

Screens. If you utilize window and door screens all year long, check there condition. If they seem to be in need of repair or replacing, address the issue accordingly.
Weather stripping and caulk. Make sure the windows and doors are properly sealed and the weather stripping and caulk are in sufficient working order.
– Check out the foundation for cracks and holes and get those sealed up appropriately.
Eaves, fascia boards, and flashing all need to be examined as well. If any wood is rotting or deteriorating, have them replaced.
– Make certain the attic vents are sealed tight.

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Hire A-Tex Pest Management to conduct a treatment and evaluation of any potential problems and keep the pests out of your home this winter. If you have any questions or concerns, call us today.

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