Wildlife Removal & Exclusion in Leander, TX; Signs of Property Damage & Health Risks from Wild Animal Pests

Local wildlife can sometimes make its way into our homes or our property and become pests. Some of these animals include skunks, armadillos, groundhogs and other wild animals that come in from under sheds or decks and other areas of your property. Squirrels and bat colonies gain access into attics and soffits of houses. Rodents such as rats and mice also gain access to buildings and homes. Thumbtack is an online service that connects people with skilled local professionals to get projects done and recently featured A-Tex Pest Management and its owner, Jason as professionals you can count on to get the job done!

Signs you have Rodents or Wildlife Pest Infestations in your House

Wildlife will gain access into your home to build a nest and raise their young. Signs you have wildlife inside your home are noises like chewing or thumping coming from your attic. Scampering and running throughout the attic, and sometimes gnawing on 2X4s as they chew on hard surfaces to keep their teeth filed down. Wildlife pests can cause a lot of destruction. They are a pain and can pose a real threat, like starting fires or transmitting diseases if not removed. Raccoons and larger wildlife will tear up duct work and ventilation and squirrels like to chew on electrical wires which can cause fires.

Health Risks Associated with Nuisance Wildlife

Zoonotic diseases are infections that animals can pass to people through bites, feces, urine, or external parasites; rabies being at the top of the list. Rabies attacks not only wildlife, but people and pets as well. Smaller animals can cause problems too. Rats carry bacteria and it’s unhealthy to be around their droppings. Wildlife cause problems outside your home too, as raccoons or opossums can find homes in porches due to pet food or trash being left out.

Rodent & Wildlife Control & Removal

Laws in all states require the humane treatment of wildlife. This includes care of wildlife species if trapped or excluded from their habitat, nest, or den sites. Unless changes are made to the factors that attract the wildlife, more than likely it will result in a long-standing problem. More important than removing the wild animal is to seal up any openings to keep them away. Setting up traps and follow-up visits to check the traps are necessary. Typical methods for rats and mice is to kill them with snap traps. Anything larger, like squirrels and bigger animals require live trapping and relocation. Prevent them from coming back by keeping your trash secure, capping chimneys and keeping flues closed. Inspect your home regularly for any openings that may be an entry point and keep tress well-trimmed that are near the house.

Wildlife Removal Services in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

When setting traps for wildlife removal there is danger involved. Exposure to potential falls from ladders or falling through the ceiling in the attic or bumping head on pipes and vent ducts in the crawlspace, injury from bites and scratches, and exposure to wildlife diseases. Professionals know where to look for the targeted animal and have the right equipment needed for the animal to be removed. Professionals do it faster and more efficiently, getting it done the right way to prevent future visitors to your home. Call A-Tex Pest Management as they offer warranties which equals peace of mind.

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