Why is Pest Control Important in the Winter & Is Managing Pests Worth It in Jonestown, TX?

When the weather starts to turn, it is easy to let your guard down against the pests you’ve been battling all summer long. It might be easy to forget about the pests that have been trying to ruin your BBQs, but that can be a big mistake. Pests can cause significant damage to your home during the winter months. While the pests might be different, they can cause just as many problems. A-Tex Pest Management is here to talk about why winter pest control is so important.

Why Do You Need Pest Control in the Winter?

There is significant damage that happens when your home is infested with wintertime pests. The pests that you will struggle with during the winter are often different than the ones you will have in the summer. Following are some of the most common pests that will try to get into your home in the winter:
– Rodents: The biggest problem with pests in the winter is usually rats and mice. These pests will do everything they can to get into your home. Once they are in, they will start to make nests by chewing and gnawing on different parts of your home. These feces can be a real problem as well.
– Spiders: Another wintertime pest is spiders. They are often the most active in the fall months. This is why they are such a prevalent decoration during the Halloween season. Most spiders aren’t dangerous to humans, but their messy webs and creepy, crawly bodies are not usually a welcomed sight for homeowners.
– Wood Destroying Insects: Termites and carpenter ants are also a problem during the winter if they get into your home. They will chew away at your home until they have weakened your home’s structural integrity. When they infiltrate your home, it can leave you with thousands in property damage.
– Dormant Pests: There are some pests like flies, wasps, and other occasional pests that will try to winter over in your home. They will become dormant until the weather heats up again and then come out in droves.

How Do You Keep Bugs & Pests Out in the Winter?

The best way to keep wintertime pests from becoming a big problem for you is to put some pest control measures in place before winter arrives. This means that you should work with a local pest control company to help you do what is necessary to seal up your home. Here are some help ideas:
– Seal entry points
– Store firewood properly
– Fix any water issues
– Clean up clutter

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If you haven’t done anything to keep wintertime pests out of your home yet, it’s time to take action. You can call on the pest professionals at A-Tex Pest Management to ensure you aren’t bombarded with pests this winter in your home. We will put some exclusion measures in place to keep your home pest free. Call us today!

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