Why Do Wasps Like My Porch in Jarrell, TX? How to Repel Wasps from a Deck or Patio

One of the most irritating places for a wasp to build its nest is underneath your deck. This is a spot that is hard to reach and can seem like it is impossible to keep wasps from congregating there. So, why is the space underneath your deck so attractive to wasps? Answering that question is the first step in keeping them from building nests under there. A-Tex Pest Management is here to talk about your deck and what makes it so appealing to wasps.

Different Types of Wasp Nests Under the Deck

When you think about a wasp nest, chances are, you are picturing those papery thin, football shaped nests hanging from a tree. However, there are a several different types of wasp nests that you can see under your deck. The first is an aerial, paper looking nest that you’re used to seeing. However, there are some wasps that will also build nests in the ground underneath your deck as well. Both nests can be difficult to get rid of when they are built under the deck and will also be filled to the brim with aggressive wasps.

Why Wasps Prefer Building Nests Under Your Deck

The space underneath your deck is an ideal place for wasps to build their nests because of the protection that they offer. Wasps are always looking for places that are undisturbed and a safe space to build a nest. Your deck is the perfect place for it. If the type of wasps you have under your deck are building nests in the ground, they might like your deck because there are already holes that have been dug by animals that have lived down there in the past. Another appeal to your deck is the food source that it offers. There are more than likely frequent gatherings on the deck that involve food that is attractive to wasps. Especially sugary foods or foods high in protein.

How to Keep Wasps from Building Nests Under Your Deck

As a homeowner, there are a few things that you can do to deter wasps from building nests under your deck.
– Clean Up Food: You should never keep food out when you have a gathering on your deck. Clean it up as soon as everyone is done eating.
– Blow It Out: Frequently use a leaf blower and blow out underneath the deck so that it doesn’t feel like the sanctuary that wasps think it is.
– Fill Holes: If there are holes dug by other animals under your deck, fill them in so that wasps don’t feel so inclined to build their nests in the ground under there.

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