Why Do I Suddenly have Ants in My Bathroom in Bee Cave, TX? How to Keep Ant Pests Away?

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to struggle with ant control in their bathrooms. It might seem perplexing when you think about how little food is found in a bathroom. There is a good reason that ants are found in bathrooms: moisture. They need moisture to survive just like you and me. Some ant species are going to be more attracted to these spaces than others. A-Tex Pest Management is here to talk about ants and why you find them in your bathroom so often.

What Type of Ants are Found in a Bathroom?

There are a few different kinds of ants that homeowners often find in their bathroom spaces.
– Pavement Ants: These ants are small and black. They are usually found on your driveways or the cracks in the sidewalks. It isn’t uncommon for them to pop up in your bathroom as well though.
– Carpenter Ants: No one wants a carpenter ant infestation as they are wood destroying pests that can cause a lot of damage when they go unnoticed.
– Sugar Ants: These ants are brownish-orange and are incredibly small. They are another ant that can commonly wind up in your bathroom spaces.

Why Bathrooms Attract Ants

When you think about the bathroom, it seems like an unlikely place that ants would want to be. However, there are several reasons why they night be congregating in your bathroom space.
– Moisture: The number one reason that ants usually are so attracted to your bathroom is because of the moisture that is found there. They need food and water to survive just like you and me. They might even find some food sources in there when you think of all the sugary toothpaste that is stuck to your vanity counters.
– Warmth: For the most part, the bathroom is also a place where there is quite a lot of warmth and humidity. This is also going to be appealing to ants. Places like under the sinks and behind the toilets are the most common places that you will see them because of the warmth and humidity.
– Poor Sanitation: It can be easy to miss a spot when you are working to clean your bathroom. Ants are attracted to leftover toothpaste, soap scum, unclean toilets and more. Unfortunately, these poor sanitation practices can end up with attracting ants to your bathroom.

What Keeps Ants Away Permanently?

The best way to keep ants of your home is to make sure there are no cracks or holes in your home that allows them entrance into the space. You also need to make sure you are eliminating moisture problems in the bathroom as well as your kitchen so that you aren’t getting unwanted house guests.

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