Why Do Ants, Spiders & Other Pests Show Up in the Spring & How Do You Keep Pest Infestations Away in Lost Creek, TX?

The weather is still brisk and the plants have most likely not bloomed yet but the spring weather is right around the corner. The weather goes from the frigid cold of winter to a beautiful spring weather. The spring time is the best for outdoor activities and watching the wildlife and plants re-emerge. Another thing that you need to start looking for is the pests that come out when the weather warms up. The pests during the cold winter months are different than the pests you will see during the spring. The change in the weather is all it takes for the pests to come out of wintering. Before the weather starts to change is the best time to start to prepare your home for the upcoming invasion. You can start by checking around your home for area that pests could gain access. You can seal up the spaces with silicone or caulking and allow to dry. You can also make sure that your house is clear of any food, crumbs and debris that could be used to feed a pest. They will be out looking for food as they emerge in the spring. Lastly be sure that you amp up on your pest control service or get it started. A-Tex Pest Management lists the most common pests found during the spring months.

Why Do Ants Show Up in the Spring?

You may have seen a few ants straggling around the winter months but they are much more common in the warmer weather. The warm weather is perfect for them to reproduce and scrounge for food. There are many species of ants and they each have characteristics that set them apart from others. One ant that is a real problem is the carpenter ant. They can reproduce quickly and will cause damage to your wood structures. They don’t eat the wood but tunnel through the wood and cause tunnels. Other ants are a problem as well because they live in large colonies that are in search of food. A great place to do that is inside a home just like yours. You want to make sure that you treat the ants professionally. They have to be treated at the source of the problem to ensure they don’t come right back.

Why are there Spiders in My House in Spring?

One of the weather conditions that people have to deal with during the spring time is wet and rainy weather. The rain makes it so that spiders do not want to be outside and will find solace in your home. They need a nice dry place to make their web which is the main line to food. Spiders should not be feared so much since they are a kind of pest control. They eat the other pests that are potentially flying and crawling around your home. Although they are good for a portion of the pest control they could hold potentially harmful venom as well.

Why Do I have Millipedes All of a Sudden?

Unlike the spider that millipede actually likes the warm and damp weather. They are out and about and will even come in your home. They don’t actually have a huge issue when it comes to damage to homes or dangers to people but they are a creepy pest. Most people don’t want these pests hanging around their home.

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