Why Are Spiders Important to Humans in Cedar Park, TX? Eat Other Pests, Medicinal Use for Venom & More

Most people don’t feel okay about a spider living and thriving in the corner of their bedroom. These creepy, crawly creatures are very misunderstood. However, there are several benefits that they play in the ecosystem. A-Tex Pest Management is here to talk about the benefits that come with spiders and why you may think twice before you squish the next spider you find in or near your home.

House Spiders Eat Other Pests

Do you realize that spiders eat irritating bugs like flies, moths, cockroaches and earwigs? When you have spiders in your home, you will see that the other insects will start to slowly disappear. While it isn’t ideal to have a spider infestation, spiders do offer help in keeping other pests away. If you feel you have too many spiders in your home, it can be a sign that there is a strong pest population and you should consider changing up the way you do your pest control. If spiders can’t find anything to eat, they won’t come into your home and will look elsewhere.

Spiders Can Keep Diseases at Bay

Many of the insects that spiders feed off of also carry diseases. You can contract serious diseases from fleas like the bubonic plague and typhus. Not to mention the diseases that mosquitoes often carry. Since spiders eat all these insects, they can also help you avoid any diseases these insects may carry.

Spider Venom Medicinal Uses

Everyone knows that there are some spiders that you should steer clear from because of their venomous bite. However, most spiders don’t usually attack humans unless they feel they are being threatened for some reason. These venomous spiders that everyone fears are actually helpful. Scientists are finding that there are many ways we can use the venom found in spiders to produce medications.

Spiders Are an Important Part of the Ecosystem

Spiders keep the insect population low in the environment as well as in your home. With the demand for organic foods becoming more prevalent, there aren’t many choices as far as pests are concerned. A healthy spider population in your garden is one of the few ways you can control destructive pests like aphids without using dangerous chemicals to do it. Without any threat to pests, crops could become a big problem in the future.

Spider Silk Uses

The silk that spiders produce to build their webs is proving to be very beneficial. Did you know that spider silk is inch for inch stronger than steel? While the uses for spider silk are still a long way off, it will be interesting to see the many ways that it is used in the future. Scientists are working to find ways to use it in our day to day life.

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Even though all these benefits listed above are great, most of us don’t want spiders all over our house. Let the professionals at A-Tex Pest Management help you keep your spider and other pest populations to a minimum. Call us today!

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