Where Do Roof Rats Live During the Day in Lakeway, TX? What are the Signs of a Rodent Infestation & More

Roof rats are associated with areas near washes, along with areas that have heavy vegetation and areas with standing water. More and more people in the Greater Austin, Texas area seem to be finding rats in or around their home and because people and cats are the primary predators of rats, the task of controlling them is up to us. These rats are huge and can be longer than 15 inches with a long tail, large eyes and ears and a pointed nose. They will nest inside and under buildings, or in piles of debris or wood. Their name implies that they can be found in the upper parts of structures or elevated areas like trees, attics, rafters and roofs. They prefer to live in high places but are very adaptable and can be found anywhere. Swimming pools provide a constant water supply and many homeowners also have fruit trees in their yards that supplies them with food too. If you see roof rats around your homes it’s important to contact a pest control company right away. They can be destructive as they chew on wires in our homes and our cars and controlling and preventing future infestations is important because they pose a serious health threat to your family as they carry and spread diseases.

Signs of a Roof Rat Infestation

1. Rat Droppings. Droppings are ¼ to ½ inch in length capsule shaped with bunt ends and shiny lack in color. Rat droppings are also three times bigger than those of a mouse.
2. Rodent Tracks. Outdoor runways are smooth, well packed and free of vegetation. Inside you will notice clear paths through dusty areas in the home with a line from their tail because they drag their tail unlike mice. The tracks will also be longer than those of a mouse and rats also tend to leave grease marks along the walls from the oil and dirt on their fur.
3. Gnawing. You might see gnawed holes that are about 2 inches or more in diameter with edges that are rough. They can gnaw through wood, damage food packaging and electrical wiring.
4. Rodent Urine Stains & Odors. Urine will look like little drops or streaks under UV light or a black light.
5. Roof Rat Sightings & Sounds. They are nocturnal and secretive so you don’t want to see them during the day because may indicate a heavy infestation. You may hear scratching, gnawing and digging sounds.

Rodent Pest Inspections, Treatment & More in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Cedar Park & Austin Texas

If roof rats find an adequate habitat, infestations can expand rapidly. Seal openings rodents can use to get into you home, secure pet doors at night and make sure windows and vents are screened. Clean up any unnecessary clutter around your home that roof rats can use to hide or to make nests and trim branches of trees that are close to your home. Trash cans should be covered tightly and don’t put trash out in bags that has food in it. Sealed bags should be put inside trash cans and bring pet food in at night. The most important step in controlling any rodent infestation is to make proper identification. If you suspect a rodent problem, contact A-Tex Pest Management to come up with the best way to get them out of your home for good!

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