Where Do German Cockroaches Come from in Jollyville, TX & How to Get Rid of Roaches

Fortunately only 30 different species of cockroaches of over 4,500 found worldwide are considered pests. Considering the cockroach population, it is safe to assume everyone has crossed paths with a grotesque cockroach of some kind in their lives. In Texas, there are a few common to the area, including German cockroaches, which are the most common throughout the United States. Today, we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to take the opportunity to discuss the basics concerning German cockroaches.

What Does a German Cockroach Look Like?

German cockroaches share different similarities with other roaches, but they also have unique ones as well. German cockroaches can be identified with the two, nearly parallel stripes across their backs that start behind their heads. Their coloring varies from shades of tan to light brown. With oval bodies that extend antennae and 6 legs, German cockroaches also have wings, but do not fly. These cockroaches are considerably smaller than other species, only ranging between ½” and 5/8” in length.

Where Do German Cockroaches Come from & How Did They Get in My Home?

Considering the fast reproduction rate of German cockroaches, homes and businesses can quickly get infested. A single female, for example, can produce 6 generations in just one year. As they only require a 3/8” wide gap to infiltrate structures, having a German cockroach infestation is fairly common. Gaps and cracks surrounding the area, along with ventilation, sewer lines, and other such means can invite these little critters. Not only can they slip in from the shadows, but German cockroaches are also introduced to homes and businesses by way of cardboard boxes, grocery bags, drink cartons, and 2nd hand appliances. Like most pests, their priority is finding a food and water supply and finding favorable climate conditions. German cockroaches are omnivorous, eating nearly anything in sight; such examples include soaps, glues, book binding, toothpaste, garbage, decaying matter, and decaying matter among other things. These cockroaches are nocturnal like most other and prefer humid and warm places dwell, making kitchens and bathrooms the most common area to find these roaches.

Are Cockroaches Harmful to Babies & Humans? What Are the Dangers?

Not only do German cockroaches have a startling appearance, but they can cause property damage to a degree and pose a health risk to many people, making them an unwelcome guests among home and business owners. German cockroaches are known for impacting respiratory problems, especially allergies and asthma attacks, particularly in children. In addition to these medical concerns, German cockroaches are linked to carrying at least 33 different strands of bacteria, 7 human pathogens, and 6 species of parasitic worms in recent studies. They pick up these contaminants by the spines of the legs and bodies as they traverse through sewers, decaying matter, trash heaps, and other unhealthy environments and deposit them on surfaces they travel on, including food and where food is prepped.

Cockroach Pest Inspections, Control, Removal & More in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

In an effort to minimize German cockroaches from intruding into your home, ensure your home or business is well sealed with the proper applications such as weather stripping, caulk, and mesh coverings and keep the building sanitized and water leaks contained. In addition to your efforts, call in the professionals of A-Tex Pest Management for German cockroach and other pest control services.

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