When Does Mosquito Season Begin & End in Pflugerville, TX & the Best Ways to Repel Mosquitoes from Your Yard

Most people don’t give mosquitoes a second thought, that is until the warmer weather moves in and they begin to experience the irritating itchy red welts that are synonymous with their bites. Mosquito season will begin sooner or later depending on which state you live in. In the state of Texas, mosquito season will begin late February to early March depending on your proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. As to when mosquito ends; the first frost is usually a reliable sign and that is a long ways away. Many of us agree that mosquitoes are an annoyance that we could live without. These uninvited guests have ruined more than one outdoor cookout or pool party with family and friends. Annoying is one thing, but mosquitoes also carry potentially serious diseases including Malaria, equine encephalitis, West Nile virus, chikungunya and more recently Zika Virus.

Best Ways to Repel Mosquitoes from Yard

Most home and business owners wait until the mosquito population is well established before attempting to get mosquitoes under control. Unfortunately, by the time mosquitoes have started biting, the population has already taken root and settled in. Begin preparing to mosquito proof your property as soon as possible. According to the knowledgeable experts at A-Tex Pest Management, it’s never too late to take the following steps to protect your property by making it much less desirable to mosquitoes.
• Remove all objects that can collect and hold standing water as these objects serve as mosquito breeding grounds. You may be surprised to learn that only a small amount of water is needed for a mosquito to deposit eggs. Favorite mosquito habitats include flower pots, old tires, bird feeders, buckets and wheelbarrows.
• Keep drains and gutters free of debris by removing leaves, twigs, and other items. Flooded gutters and clogged drainage creates the ideal environment to attract mosquitoes. Contact a professional gutter cleaning company for assistance.
• Ditches and other low-lying areas also have the potential to collect standing water, especially after rainfall. Take a visual survey of your property to pinpoint issues and fill up the low spots as soon as possible.
• Repair damaged window screens; mosquitoes can find a way into your home through the tiniest of tears in the screen. The experts at A-Text Pest Management recommend using 16 mesh to effectively control mosquitoes and other types of insects. Don’t forget to examine your screened-in porch or patio to ensure that it is in undamaged and free of holes.
• Repair any cracks in your homes exterior walls or foundation. Even the smallest breach can provide easy access for mosquitoes to enter your home.
• Install yellow outdoor bug lights to make your outdoor living areas less attractive when the sun goes down.

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

Taking steps to mosquito proof your home will help prevent an infestation but mosquitoes are renowned for their relentless pursuit of feeding on human beings. This is especially true if you live in a warm region such as Texas where the mosquito season is long and treacherous. Apply a DEET based mosquito repellent to protect yourself while you are outdoors, and wear light-colored clothing whenever possible.

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