What’s the Best Mouse Deterrent in Liberty Hill, TX? Rodent Inspection, Home Pest Sealing & More

If mice helped cook, clean, and sew like a lot of children’s stories depicted, most of us would welcome the little rodents in our homes with loving arms. But alas, all these critters are good for is destruction, chaos and disease. So what’s to be done? A-Tex Pest Management would like to offer you some tips on hindering the mice from a permanent stay, and help prevent them from seeking refuge in your home this fall.

What Stops Mice from Entering Your Home?

1. First you need to inspect your home of cracks and holes. Work on the interior walls and look for their entry and exit points.
– Using chalk, mark the areas you find suspicious of rodent activity. Feces is a big red flag, along with heavy grease tracks. It also carries a distinct odor. One all these areas are located, clean, disinfect and neutralize the stains and odors in the appropriate manner.
– Repair any holes or cracks you may find accordingly.
2. To keep the mice from setting up residency, keep your home clean, and all food properly sealed. If food and nesting materials are scarce, they will move on.
3. Garbage cans should be kept as far from your home as possible. Mice can smell the refuse and are instantly attracted it. Keeping your home far from the equation, will deter the little icy footed critters far from your home.
4. Peppermint oil is a good scent to utilize in your home. The smell resonating from the peppermint oil puts a mouse off. The smell is too intense for rodents and will avoid the scent as much as possible. It will also help neutralize the odor of any morsel remnants.
– Dab some peppermint oil onto a cotton ball, and rub the areas down you think they might have occupied.
– Leave the scented cotton balls in more populated areas.
– Growing peppermint plants in your home could help reduce the mice population, and it will also be a useful herb in cooking.
5. Owning a cat can help matters. If you are desperate enough you can try some extreme, and in our opinion unsanitary methods experts suggest. One is place tubs of used kitty litter around the entry points of your home to eradicate the little vermin. Smelling the cat urine makes most mice instincts flare, causing them to flee. Dried snake feces is also an unorthodox method, nut supposedly works. You can ask for some gross bits from a local zoo or pet store. Be sure children and pets don’t have access to the nasty side of mice dismissal.
6. There are little devices that can be set in place to assist in deterring mice. Emitting beeps a rodent despises, and electronic unit can help keep the mice at bay.
Mice can eventually become use to them, and are only a good source for a short time.
7. Organic solutions is another method worth trying.
8. You can also invest in your mouse traps. There are more humane traps, some you can even capture and take the rodent elsewhere.

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The best quality method for evicting mice, and keeping them away, is calling A-Tex Pest Management. Our experts can get the rodents out of your home, and set up a plan to keep them away amongst the other pests that are invading your home. Call us today for your appointment!

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