What to do if you Suspect a Bed Bug Infestation in your Austin TX Home, Luggage or Hotel Room? Call A-Tex Pest Management for Bed Bug Pest Inspections & Removal!

When people talk about bed bugs many people assume they are no longer a problem but that is just not true. All though there was a bit of a reprieve in the activity of bed bugs, they are still relevant and are a problem for many people across the country. Bed bugs are one of the most difficult types of pests to spot and remove. There is no really at-home product you can purchase at the store and use yourself that is going to work. A professional with the right tools and experience is the only sure fire way to get rid of bed bugs and keep them gone.

A-Tex Pest Management has outlined how you can come in contact with bed bugs, how to identify if you have them and what needs to be done to treat and remove them.

Where do Bed Bugs Come From & How did you Get them?

The very most common way to come in contact with a bed bug infestation is when you travel. The name suggests that bed bugs are found strictly in your bed but that is not true. They can be found on anything from baggage, clothes and even hitch a ride on your pet. They are able to hide really well and you may not notice a problem until they are already infesting your bed or surrounding furniture. When you travel your luggage is in contact with other people’s personal belongings from all walks of life and all over the country. All it takes is one person to carry a bed bug into the area and you could be taking it home. Many people also stay in hotel rooms where someone just before them could have stayed that brought in bed bugs. Make sure that when you travel you take precautions to diligently check your baggage and bedding before you enter the room or space that you are going to stay in. Check along the seams for clues that there could be bed bugs hiding in the mattress.

What to do When you Find Out you Have Bed Bugs

Most people realize they have bed bugs not because they see them running around the bed but when they wake up to find bites all over their exposed skin. The bugs will come out while you sleep and feed on the blood through the skin that is left exposed. You can recognize their attack by several small red dots all over your bare skin. If you seem to think that you are infested with bed bugs, call a pest control company immediately. This is the best and most efficient way to combat them and get rid of them all together. Most species of bed bugs are not affected by normal sprays that would kill off other pests so hiring a professional that has the right treatment and extensive knowledge is the best option for homeowners.

If you suspect that you have bed bugs or you want to schedule an inspection of your home in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park Texas, give A-Tex Pest Management a call today.

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