What Kind of Bugs Come Out in the Fall in Serenada, TX? Piles of Leaves Attract Flea Beetles & Other Insects

The leaves on your trees have begun to change onto beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow, creating beautiful scenery for you to enjoy as you look out your windows this fall. Finally the air is cooler and you feel like you can let your guard down when it comes to keeping insects and other pest out of your home, right? Unfortunately, many home owners blindly assume that because the temperatures drop outside, insects will simply go away. While fall does slow down some insect species, there are others that thrive. Fall is also a great time for you to strengthen your plants and prepare them for next spring against harmful insects.

Leaf Eating Bugs

When you provide your home with regular pest maintenance throughout the year, you are arming your plants outside with ongoing protection throughout the entire year. Fall leaves are nice to look at, and for some insects they are also very nice to eat as well. Leaf eating insects can be highly destructive and have the ability to defoliate an entire plant in a single sitting. These insects have chewing mouth parts that remove all parts of the leaves. Insects like caterpillars, moths and grasshoppers can destroy your garden and cause a great deal of frustration.

Leaf Beetles

Maintaining a healthy garden this fall can become a battle if you are dealing with flea beetles. Flea beetles are small black and brown beetles with long hind legs that assist them in jumping long distances, especially when they are suddenly disturbed. Flea beetles attack a wide variety of plants by chewing giant holes in them. While mulching can assist in controlling the flea beetle, your best option to fight against this annoying insect is hiring a professional pest control service. A professional pest technician knows the signs to look for when searching for annoying fall pests and is equipped with all of the proper equipment and experience to keep your garden and your home protected from the damage that these insects can cause.

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With fall foliage falling from your trees and accumulating on your yard, it can become difficult to realize whether or not insects and other pests are invading your property. The best way to protect your family and your home from annoying and sometimes dangerous fall pests is to hire a professional pest control service to regularly perform maintenance visits to your home and keep these harmful and destructive pests away throughout the entire year. Contact A-Tex Pest Management today to keep insects and pests away from your home so you can enjoy this holiday season without the worry of a pest infestation in the back of your mind.

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