What Keeps Scorpions Away in Wells Branch, TX? Trim Landscape, Home Sealing, Pest Control & More

When you come across pests around your home and property you might think you can just stomp on them to get rid of some here and there. The problem with one common pest is that if you go to stomp on this one you can be putting yourself in danger. A scorpion is in the arachnid family and has a set of pincers on the front of the body and a distinct tail that has a curve up over their back with a venomous stinger. There are many types, colors and sizes of scorpions but they all have something in common and you need to be careful when dealing with them since the sting can be dangerous to you, your family and your pets. Dealing with scorpions is difficult since they are hard to see as they are usually hiding in the day and come out at night. There is one tried inspection tool which is a black light. A scorpion will glow when exposed to the light and can be easily seen. That also means that you need to go out at night to inspect for these venomous critters. A-Tex Pest Management has a list of ways that you can prevent scorpions from coming into your house.

Trim Landscape to Keep Scorpions Away

One of the ways that you can keep scorpions from getting close to your house is to reduce the areas that they are usually found hiding. They are prone to hiding in the vegetation that is around homes gardens and bushes. You want to do your best to space the vegetation out away from the home so that it is not too close. This will help keep them away from entry points and potentially coming in your house.

Does Sealing a Home Prevent Scorpions?

Just like any other pest a scorpion is going to look for and find a spot that they can gain entry into your home. One of the most common places that any pest gets into a home is the gap between the jam and the doors. The space should be outfitted with a nice piece of weather stripping to seal the gap between the two so there is no space when the door is closed. During the day if you see light coming through you need to possibly replace the weather stripping with more that you can purchase at any home improvement store. You can also look for gaps in siding and walls that a scorpion might be able to get through. If you do you can seal them with caulking and allow it to dry for about an hour.

Scorpion Pest Inspections, Treatment Control & More in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park Texas

If you suspect that you have a problem with scorpions the best option is to call a professional pest control company that can come out and inspect your property and apply a proper treatment. Just like spiders, scorpions are attracted to other pests like crickets so routine pest control is a great idea.

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