What is the Most Common Fly Species Found in West Lake Hills, TX Homes? Blow Flies, House Flies & More

Now that the warmer weather is here, there are lots of pests that start to emerge. The weather plays a big role in the life cycle of many pests and one that is a problem in many homes are flies. They are found flying all over your home landing on every surface and buzzing past your face. You may not know that there is a way to help prevent and deal with flies but there is. Most people think their option is to just chase them around. You may grab a fly swatter and start to hunt them down. This can be an annoying and hard process since you are left killing one at a time. They seem to be tricky and hard to see where they go so finding each one is a real chore. The best thing you can do is to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place. One of the biggest causes is the fact that the weather allows you to open windows and doors and enjoy the nice temperatures. That is the easiest way for flies to invade your home. Knowing what flies you are may be dealing with is the best way to start what you can do to prevent them. A-Tex Pest Management offers a list of some common flies that are often times found in homes.

Are House Flies Dangerous?

If you are dealing with common house flies you will see their grey coloring with four lines in the thorax. They are the most common fly that is found in homes and they are a real nuisance but that is not all. They are known to carry and transfer bacteria that they carry in their legs. They tend to be found on garbage, decaying food and even feces. Then they land on you and your surfaces in your house which can make your family sick. The most interesting thing about these flies is their reproduction process. The mother fly will lay the eggs which can emerge in as little as 12 hours. That means that you can leave to go to work or school and come home to a house full of flies. The females usually lay around 100 eggs which means that the infestation is extremely fast. If you have a lot of flies in your home the odds are that they have found a place to breed. The best thing that you can do is to close off doors and windows with screens and locate the possible breeding site and get rid of it.

Blow Flies in House

Another common fly that you may see in your home this summer is called the blow fly or also known as the bottle fly. They are distinguishable by their metallic coloring which will be blue and green. They are a little more of a problem because they are found on decaying meat. That means they have more chances to be covered with bacteria that is dangerous. They are similar to the house fly in their reproduction. The female lays around 75 eggs and they can hatch as soon as a few hours! Be sure you follow the same guidelines as with the house fly to keep them from invading your home.

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