What is the Difference Between Black Roof Rats & Brown Norway Rats in Taylor, TX? Size, Color & More

Living in the great state of Texas everyone knows that at some point you are going to come across a nasty little rodent called rats! They are a disease carrying critter that are not fun to run into while you walking through the streets or at your own house. A-Tex Pest Management knows that seeing a rodent like a rat anywhere near your home sparks some fear and we offer services to rid your home of the rats and any other rodents and pests that might be hiding in the walls and attic. Most people don’t have any idea that there are actually different species of rats but there are and they each have their own look and behaviors.

Brown Norway Rat

This is a very common rat that is seen throughout the state of Texas. They are known by several kinds of names like a sewer rat, street rat and a brown rat. A brown rat is one of the largest rodents coming in at 10 inches in length when the body is measured. The iconic tail can measure another 10 inches, giving this rat a 20 inch total length. All though the name of this rat is most commonly called a brown rat it can go from grey to brown and anything in between. This rat originally came from China but can be found in just about every continent on the entire planet. This kind of rat is a great swimmer, climber and can dig. The rat can often be found swimming on the surface of the water and under it as well. They can climb a pole to reach food or dig in the ground as well. They tend to feed on any type of food they can find and if they get in your home they will eat through packaging to get to the food.

Black Roof Rat

This is another common rat that is found throughout Texas. Many people also call it a house rat or roof rat and it is smaller than a brown rat. They usually reach up to 10 inches including the long bare tail. All though it is known as a black rat it can also come in a variety of browns and tans as well. They are better identified by their size since it is substantially smaller than a brown rat. They originated in Asia but are found all over the world now. They often eat more fruits vegetables and grains and have become a real nuisance to farmers and crops.

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