What Insects & Pests Cause the Most Damage to Homes in Taylor, TX? Termites, Ants & More

When it comes to pests there isn’t a single one that homeowners are okay with seeing in the house. They are called a pest for a reason. They come in and cause commotion that is in no way convenient to anyone. When it comes to pests there are some that cause health trouble such as cockroaches and others that are known for stinging and biting such as bees and wasps. Then you have a group of pests that are known for actually causing damage to your home. These are the ones that you have to have your home treated for the actual pest by a pest control company then you may need to have a contractor out to make the needed repairs to your home to ensure that it is in good condition and it is safe for your family to live there. Knowing what pests are trying to damage your home is a great way to protect your home from undue damage. A-Tex Pest Management spotlights what pests cause the most damage to homes.

Termites & Carpenter Ants Cause Property Damage

One of the pests that are known for the damage that they do to your home and homes all over the county are termites and carpenter ants. These insects are a pest that are looking for one main thing and that is access to wood that is exposed. This can be the side of your home from the siding that has been worn or the eves that need a fresh coat of paint. It can also start on a tree that has fallen on your property or a pile of wood that is being kept near the house. The termites will take up a home and start to chew through the wood as a way to eat. They use wood as food and during the time that they are eating they are causing damage to your home. The main difference between termites and carpenter ants is that termites actually consume the wood for sustenance, while carpenter ants don’t. This makes carpenter ants less destructive than termites, since the damage they cause is limited to just excavating tunnels, whereas termite damage involves continuous, non-stop eating. Both termites and carpenter ants cause damage to your home and this can be dangerous to your family to continue to live in it. You want to have these insects treated and removed from your house to prevent more damage from occurring.

Rodent Infestation Damage

Another pest that you are sure to find causing damage to your home are rodents. They are a pest that are found commonly in many homes. You could end up with rodents in your home from mice to rats and they are known to cause damage. They tend to get in the walls of the house or in the attic and crawl space. These areas have wires and other lines that should be protected. When the rodents are in the house they will chew through the wires and other materials to make a nest and this causes damage to the home. This can be a fire hazard to you and your family and that is why you want to keep rodents out of your house.

What Kind of Damage Can Carpet Beetles Do?

A pest that you might not be thinking of that will cause damage to your home is called a carpet beetle. They are a pest that will take up in your carpets and they will eat the fibers creating bald spots. These bald spots are damage that you have to have replaced by a carpet company. These beetles can be removed from your home by a professional pest control company.

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