What Happens & What to Expect During a New or Old Home Pest Inspection in Hutto, TX

One of the most exciting times in someone’s life is buying a new house. You are getting to move into a place that you chose and start to enjoy. The excitement can go from joy to concern if you don’t have the proper inspections done. When you buy a home you have a home inspector come out that checks the house for any repairs that are necessary to have done prior to moving in the home. One are that many people overlook and don’t have done until there is a serious problem, is a pest inspection. It is best for you to call out a professional that has the ability to come out and inspect for signs that there is a particular infestation. There are several types of infestations that if you don’t catch them early and have them remedied they can cause some major damage. There are several pests that are a problem for you and your health when left to roam in your home while others are just a nuisance. A specialized inspection is the best way to identify a problem and make a recommendation to have it treated.

A-Tex Pest Management Outlines What Happens During a Pest Inspection & What to Expect

Exterior Pest Inspections: Pests tend to live outdoors and are happy there unless they find something better inside. They can get in your home in search of a place to nest or food to eat. A pest inspection will start outdoors and can identify where they are able to gain access. The professional will go around the home and locate areas that are concern and seal them. Any gaps, cracks and holes that are large enough for a pest from a cockroach to a mouse need to be closed off. Prevention is the key to stopping a pest infestation.
Interior Pest Inspections: The inside of the house will need to be checked thoroughly. They might want to ask questions about what you have seen around the home and what areas of concern you have. They will also do a thorough inspection to check for signs that pests are already in the house. One pest that is a major concern are termites. They are a pest that eats the wood that holds up the structure of your home. When they are left unattended they can do a serious amount of damage. The inspection will be looking for common signs or termites as well as other pests that are a problem in your area. You want to have your home inspected as well as treated for pests before you move in.

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After you have had your home inspected for signs of any type of infestation, you can schedule to have treatment to deal with it. There are certain pests that require specialized treatments so laying out a plan of action is a great way to ensure that all the pests are treated. A-Tex Pest Management offers pest inspections and custom treatment plans.

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