What Do Ghost Ants Look Like & How Do You Get Rid of Ant Pests in Pflugerville, TX?

Some ants more common and more threatening than others in Texas. Ants are an insect that frequently invade homes and frequently make off with sugary offerings. Due to their pale color and tiny stature, ghost ants are a common species in Florida. Ghost ants are heavily concentrated in Hawaii as well as southern and central Florida. These ants cannot live in the northern states, unless they live in greenhouses or other heated spaces. Concerning the basics, we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to continue to discuss them.

What Do Ghost Ants Look Like?

Six legs extend from the abdomen, as the ghost ants have a dark brown head and thorax along with a pale, yellowish colored. The thorax lacks a spine and they are unevenly rounded. The ghost ant worker’s average in length one sixteenth of an inch. Ghost ants are highly adaptable in their nesting habits and are quite similar to a pharaoh ant. Colonies of ghost ants are moderate to large in size and can contain thousands of workers, with numerous and functional queens distributed across multiple nesting sites. Honey dew is a particularly favorite among these ants. They usually stick close to the kitchen for a more convenient access, these ants also include both living and dead insects in their diets and when they get inside homes as they are raiding the sweet food.

Where are Ghost Ants Found?

Within the fallen leaves and other debris, as well as beneath stones, as well as under and inside logs, these ghost ants nest underground when living outdoors and often prefer the crevices and cavities of dead tree branches as well. These ants will readily go inside structures by trailing from nests along sidewalks, patios and foundation walls and gravitate to the crevices and cavities of dead tree branches. Once they get inside structures, the ghost ants will usually choose to live behind baseboards, in wall voids, between cabinets, and inside the soil of potted plants. They trail along electrical wires or under carpet edges so they can remain hidden from view. Due to their high moisture needs, ghost ants can be found trailing to water sources, like sinks, shower stalls, tubs, and potted plants. They can be an annoyance to homeowners when they nest indoors. Ghost ants do not have a stinger and do not sting. They will secrete a rotten coconut-like odor similar to the odorous house ant when crushed. As they trail along trees and shrubs in direct contact with the structure, ghost ants wander inside more often than not.

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Keep the vegetation trimmed away from the house and ensure to stack any firewood away from the house to prevent their infestations. Due to their colony sizes and structure, it can be a challenge to eliminate them from your home, should you suspect a ghost ant infestation. However, you can always call A-Tex Pest Management for help. Any ant infestation that has taken up residency in your home can be eliminated with our expertise. With preventative routinely scheduled pest control services, our skilled experts can help prevent these ants and other pest infestations.

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