What Causes Silverfish in Your House? What Keeps Occasional Pest Invaders Away in The Hills, TX?

There are many pests common to homes and businesses people do not really feign surprise over when they intrude; these include ants, spiders, cockroaches, and perhaps rodents among others. The occasional invaders include earwigs, centipedes, and silverfish. Most pests, including these occasional invaders, are likely to cause damage to some extent as well as unsanitary conditions. When these invaders intrude, their presence is usually more of a nuisance, but can potentially cause some damage that is equally irritating. More often than not, people do not notice these infestations until the population is out of hand. With the few occasional invaders likely to show up in Texas homes, we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to further expound on silverfish.

Where Would I See Silverfish?

Silverfish average ½ and ¾ inches in length and are teardrop-shaped bodied insects that can be further identified by the 3 long bristles on the rear. There coloring is dull and plain to give them more of advantage to blend in the area, which is commonly brown-gray and bluish-silver. The require moisture to flourish, making them most likely inhabiting the kitchens, attics, and bathrooms, however, they can be spotted area in the house as they do not require the moisture to survive and can adapt to nearly any climate.

What is Silverfish Favorite Food?

The diet of the silverfish is extensive as they can eat dead insects, starches, carbohydrates, unopened packaged goods as well as linens, silk, shampoos, glue in book binding, and others. Their insatiable appetite causes wallpaper, books, destroy clothes, vintage clothing, and other items. Silverfish often wonder inside through torn screens, cracks in the foundation, and under door frames. They are especially drawn to filthy dishes left in the sink and those that have this habit deal with silverfish more often than those who follow a more dedicated housekeeping regime. Silverfish are also introduced into homes inadvertently through plastic containers and cardboard boxes brought inside.

Can You Get Sick from Silverfish?

Silverfish are not a serious health risk, although they can potentially trigger allergies to those sensitive to them. Predatory insects can be attracted to silverfish, particularly carpet beetles. Seeing tiny pepper-like feces around damp corners or damaged clothing, wallpaper, and books indicate a silverfish infestation. As nocturnal insects, silverfish are very secretive and are not likely to be seen until their numbers get out of control and they are crawling along tubs, sinks, and carboard boxes.

What Keeps Silverfish Away?

As mentioned, silverfish thrive in humid climates because the nymphs will develop quicker in optimal climates. As they are very adaptable, controlling the damp areas in your home can slow down their reproductivity, but they require little to survive. Be sure to also manage the housekeeping well, especially getting the dishes done and keeping the surfaces of the floor and countertops cleaned. Be sure your food supply is well secure in pest-proof containers and trash bins are covered. Also, make certain the home is well-sealed with weather stripping around the doors, quality screens in front of the windows, and repair any cracks and gaps in the foundation and structure. Inspect all packages and second hand items before bringing them inside your home as well to minimize silverfish intrusion.

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