What Causes Carpenter Ants in My Hudson Bend, TX & How Do I Get Rid of Ant Infestations?

There are many pests that are a problem for homeowners. They have the entire expanse of the world but they choose to invade your home. You would think they would find what they need outside but alas they would prefer the comforting atmosphere of your home. They are a lot like us in the sense that they want to be out of the elements and in an environment that allows them to find food with ease. Your home happens to be that place which is why we all live in them too. When it comes to pests some happen to be an invader looking for a place to stay while others bring bacteria, disease and damage with them. The ant fits all those characteristics but it all depends on the species you are referring to. The carpenter ant is a problem for homeowners and the destruction they can cause will be devastating. A-Tex Pest Management outlines some facts about carpenter ants you may not have known.

Carpenter Ants Destroy Rotted & Healthy Wood

Some people assume if they have wood that is dry and well taken care of that carpenter ants will stay away. The problem is that they are happy to chew through just about any wood that includes moist, decaying wood all the way to the nice dry beams in your home. They have large mandibles that make it easy for them to get through the toughest of wood. If the wood has any exposure at all then the carpenter ant colony can gain access.

Carpenter Ants Clean Up After Themselves

When it comes to pests the problem that most of them have is that they are a mess! They don’t care what the area they are living in looks like and the mess is just part of it all. When it comes to carpenter ants they actually very clean. They will take time to go through the tunnels and the nest and remove any debris from food and even the ants that did not make it. They are also know for making a cleaning solution that they create with resin. They will clean the nest with it to make sure that it is suitable for them to live.

Carpenter Ants Eat Food Crumbs

When it comes to carpenter ants some people may confuse them with termites but they are very different. Although they both cause damage to the wood in your home the carpenter ant will not eat the wood but chisel a way through. The termites will actually eat the wood as part of their diet. Carpenter ants eat what other ants eat such as sugary foods or crumbs they can get their hands on.

Carpenter Ant Bites Hurt

When it comes to ants some of them have a bite that can cause a sting to the site. Carpenter ants will bite and at the same time inject an acid into the skin which is why their particular bite is one of the worst. There are some species that after they bite someone they will explode.

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