What Causes Ant Infestations in My Liberty Hill, TX House & How to Keep Marching Ants from Coming In

Here in Texas, ants are a major problem. Come the winter, they disappear giving homeowners the false impression they have won the war against ants. However, many ants go dormant in the winter and will return come summer. When you must battle ants each summer season you may wonder why they keep returning and if this ant problem will ever go away. A-Tex Pest Management will share some of the common reasons why ants return each summer and hopefully help you find a permanent solution to your ant problems.

Leaving Food Out Attracts Ants

Do you leave food out such as a fruit or snack bowl? Do you tend to leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight or feed your pets inside your home? All are major mistakes that invite ants. Ants spend most of their life foraging for food. They need to find enough food to eat, feed the queen and her brood. If not enough food is collected the entire colony collapses. Ants are super determined to find food. Depending on the species, each ant will require a certain diet. Many ants love meat, greasy fats, and sweets which all can be found inside the home. A simple solution to this problem is to avoid leaving out snacks and keep all food stored in air tight containers at all time. Never leave dishes in the sink overnight and only feed your pet a serving at a time. Also clean up crumbs on countertops and floors.

Are Ants Attracted to Grease & Oil?

Ants love greasy food and fats. Even when an oven, stove or microwave looks clean, grease can still be sitting on the surface. Even though you may not see the grease the ants can and even the slightest bit of grease will draw in a colony of ants. They can easily lick up the grease to feed themselves. When cleaning make sure to use a degreaser on the recently used surfaces. The degreaser can help remove all of the grease and make it far less appealing to ants.

Ants are Attracted to Honey & Sugar

When using honey or syrup do you find small droplets dripping down the bottle? So do ants. Sticky sweets which can include fruit juice, soda, jams and honey can stick to the bottle, countertops, and even garbage cans. Some ant species will go crazy over sticky sweets and will swarm to collect it. Ants use a chemosense to locate sugar, and some ant species can travel up to 100 yards away from their nest to collect this sugary treat. With this in mind, don’t leave sticky sweets on the outside of bottles, on the countertops or on the side of garbage cans. Wipe down spills or leaks quickly to avoid sweets from attracting ants to your home.

Water Leaks & Moisture Attract Ants

Do you know that ants are attracted to leaking water? Ants, like many other living creatures, require water to survive. Some ants, like carpenter ants, like to dig their nest in damp wood. Ants will look for a water source. This is why you will often find ants inside bathrooms and not just in the kitchen. To help prevent ants make sure to inspect all of your plumbing around your home. This can include toilets, faucets, spouts, and leaking or broken pipes.

Decaying Wood Attracts Ants

Do you have roof leaks or water damaged wood in your home along with an ant problem? The two are linked. Many species of ants can easily hide out in decaying wood or underneath the wood due to water damage. It isn’t just carpenter ants that like to live in the cracks and grooves of wood either. Many ant species will use the natural cracks and grooves in decaying wood. Often ants will invade outside yard debris first and then work their way inside a home as the colony spreads. Remove all yard debris and prevent water damage directly inside the home.

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Try eliminating these common causes for ants in your home. If you find you still are having a hard time battling ants, contact A-Tex Pest Management and schedule our services today.

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