What Attracts Wolf Spiders in Your Rollingwood, TX House? Should I Kill a Wolf Spider if I See It in My Home?

Wolf spiders can be found in and out of your home, but most would rather be outside. They are attracted to moist or humid areas and any place they can get a meal. This can be our homes. They will not damage homes but can become a nuisance if numbers get large and just like any other spider, they will bite if they feel threatened. Bites are not life-threatening, but they can be painful. A-Tex Pest Management explores wolf spiders below.

What is the Wolf Spider’s Appearance & Behavior?

Along with tarantulas, the Carolina wolf spider is the largest spider found in Texas. Wolf spiders can be confused with tarantulas because they have thick, hairy bodies and have a similar large stature. Their body can be as large as 1 ½ inches and 4 inches with its legs. They are color-patterned in black, gray and brown hues. They have eight eyes-arranged in three rows and can move quickly for such a big spider. The name wolf spider may lead you to believe that wolf spiders live in groups like wolves live in packs, but they are actually solitary creatures that search for prey alone. They do not use webs to capture insects. They are hunters that will find their next meal using sight or vibration and will pounce on their prey by ambushing it. They will dig burrows and spend much of their time in them. They will create a trap door on their burrow and will even place small rocks to block holes, so rain won’t get into their burrow. Spiders are more afraid of you than you are of them and will retreat if you come across them. Female wolf spiders carry their egg sacs on their abdomens. If you squish one, you may have done it to a mother that is carrying her egg sac and you’ll have spiderlings everywhere!

How Do You Keep Wolf Spiders Away?

Prevention is the best defense. Proper lawn and outdoor maintenance practices are preventative actions that can reduce the presence of wolf spider in your yard significantly. In your yard they can be found in piles of leaves and around plant and shrubs. They can also be found in tall or dense grass and under rocks and stacks of wood. Make sure vegetation and yard debris is cleared from the perimeter of your home and seal any openings they may use to get into your home and. Because insects are attracted to light, try keeping exterior lighting to a minimum if you can. If you find a wolf spider in your home, chances are it came in to escape extreme temperatures or they followed another insect in. You can use glue traps to capture wolf spiders to prevent this problem.

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Some people may not mind having wolf spiders around because they are harmless and beneficial in pest control. They will eat pests that would otherwise make their way into your home, but if you don’t want to live with them, call on professional pest control. A-Tex Pest Management can develop the best treatment plan to rid your home of any pests. Give us a call today!

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