What Attracts Termites During Termite Season & How to Keep Infestations Away from Your West Lake Hills, TX Home?

There are pests that are commonly found in certain times of the year. Most people recognize that there is a difference in the pests they see in the winter as opposed to what they see in the spring. The problem is that there are pests through the entire year so you don’t have a time that you can take a break from pest control. The summer is a time of year that lots of things decide to flourish. This can be plant growth, people outdoors and of course a new round of pests. These are all due to one major change that occurs in the summer and that is the warm weather. The warmer the temperatures the better the environment for certain pests. Some pests come out strong in the summer and if they can gain access to your house they can make it through the whole year if you are not using pest control services. One of the pests that you need to be aware of in the spring and summer seasons are termites. A-Tex Pest Management outlines what you need to know about our long termite season.

When is Termite Season

One of the first things that you need to understand is that when it comes to termites they don’t actually have a defined season. In Texas, you may find termites swarming anywhere from February to the fall, depending on the species. Termites will work year round when they have access to your home. If they find a good food source to eat they will continue to work and eat until they are dealt with by a professional. With that said there is a time in the year that you need to be cautious and ready to deal with termites. The warm weather is when you need to be on alert. The reason is that this is the time that the swarming termites are out and looking for a new colony and a mate. They have wings and will fly together in a large group. When they are able to mate they will lose their wings and start to create a new colony. This is often the only time of the year that you will see the actual termites out.

What Attracts Termites & How to Keep Termite Infestations Away?

There is one thing that termites are out looking for besides a mate and that is exposed wood. The most common type of wood that they are attracted to is water damaged wood. This can be any wood that has been exposed to moisture and left out. This is a huge way to unintentionally attract termites to your home. You want to make sure you have proper drainage and that any wood damage is removed such as stumps or damage wood fence pieces. This is a great way to keep the swarm moving on rather than stopping at your house.

Termite Pest Inspections, Treatment, Control, Removal & More in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park Texas

Termites are not a pest that you want to take lightly. Even the presence of a swarm near your home should be enough to call out a professional that has the ability to treat for termites. We can come out and inspect for termites and if we find signs that they have started a colony on your property, we can start a custom treatment plan right away. A-Tex Pest Management can come out to treat your home for unwanted termites. Call us today!

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