What Attracts Mosquitoes in Cedar Park, TX & How to Make These Insects Not Bite You! Perfume, Blood Type & More

The season for mosquitoes is here. All the mosquitoes have been waiting for is the nice warm temperatures of the spring and summer months. We are there and that means you are sure to start seeing these flying critters all around. If you are near an area that has any standing water you are at risk for a mosquito problem. They are a scary pest for some major reasons. The most important one is the amount of diseases that they are known to carry. They are diseases that can affect a person when they are bitten. It can take a single bite for the disease to cause havoc on a person. One of the diseases that are feared most is the Zika Virus. It is a virus that has taken hold in the United States and mostly effects a soon to be mother. You want to do all that you can to keep mosquitoes from biting you. The best way is to do what you can to not attract them.

A-Tex Pest Management Outlines What Smells & Odors Might Be Attracting Mosquitoes To You

Mosquitoes Like Type O Blood: It may seem like a long shot but your blood type can actually be attracting mosquitoes. Blood types were tested and it was found that mosquitoes were more likely to come in contact with a particular type over the other three. This can explain why one person over another in the same area ends up with more bites. If you have A blood type you are least likely to attract a mosquito but if you are O blood type watch out. Each of the four blood types all have a different smell and for some reason O blood is more popular to a mosquito.
Perfumes Attract Mosquitoes: You most likely go take a shower and get ready the same way each and every day. The problem is that the soap, shampoo, lotion and cologne can be exactly the thing that is attracting mosquitoes. If you are using a lotion or soap that has a floral smell it can be a draw to a mosquito. When you use these types of fragrant products you may be the victim of mosquito bites. When you are dealing with smells you want to be sure that you stay away from odors and go for a mild or scent free soap if you are going to be outdoors during dusk.
Mosquitoes Are Attracted to Your Breathing: If you are reading then you are breathing. The problem is that when you exhale your breath you are releasing carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide comes out of your mouth and can be seen and smelled by a mosquito. The reason that they are attracted to the carbon dioxide is because that is a sign that there is a person nearby that will offer the mosquito a meal. The more active you are around potential mosquitoes the more you are at risk of a bite.

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