What Attracts Insects & Pests to You in Wells Branch, TX? Odor, Clothing Colors & More

Now that the months are starting to warm up people want to spend more time outdoors. The same goes for pests as well. They have been waiting all winter long for the moment that they can get out and enjoy the nice warm weather. Even though the weather is nice you need to start to protect your home from invading pests. The more active pests are the more likely they are to try and gain access to your house. The house is a large draw for many pests that like the warm weather but still want to have a place to nest. This is why you want to be sure that you close it up and ensure that your home is sealed. You also want to do what you can to keep pests away from you as well. There may be problems that you are bringing on yourself when it comes to attracting all kinds of pests.

A-Tex Pest Management Lists What Pests Are Attracted to

Is Your Body Odor Attracting Pests?: When you get ready for the day most people will hop in the shower and use a fragrant body wash, shampoo and other substances that are full of fragrances that are pleasing. Then you get out and use deodorant and lotion that also has a smell. Then to top it all off you head out the door with a dash of cologne or perfume to finish off yourself. This is great for your social life and the people you are around will appreciate your hygiene but this might also be a way to attract unwanted attention. If you know that you are going to be out and about and you are concerned about pests, it is important to be careful about what you smell like. It is best to avoid fruity smelling items that you know are mimicking what pests like to be around such as plants and flowers.
Do the Colors of Your Clothes Attract Bugs?: When you get ready for the day you also grab clothes from your closet that will best fit with the weather. The last thing you are thinking about is what pests will be attracting. If you are concerned about pests and them potentially getting too close to you it is best to use colors that will deter pests. They are usually out looking for bright or light colors when they are out in nature. That means if you choose colors that are too light or bright you may look like a tasty treat. Bees and other flying pests are on the hunt for flowers so be sure to take care when picking out your clothes for an outdoor event.
Cover Up to Prevent Bug Bites: Taking a nice hike outside or spending an afternoon having a picnic is a great way to spend time with nice weather. You want to be aware that pests are also spending time outdoors and a great way to avoid any connection is to use layers to cover your open skin up. The more skin that is showing can be a perfect canvas for pests to head your way.

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