What are Common Occasional Invader Pests Found in Bathrooms in Bee Cave, TX? Earwigs, Silverfish & More

If you find a creepy crawling bug or insect in your home it usually causes alarm and most people run straight for the closest spray of any kind to try and kill it off or find a shoe to throw at it. If this is your tactic to kill insects and bugs then you need the services of a professional pest control company. There are several kinds of pests that are found most commonly in homes across Greatly Austin, TX and some of them are not fun to see inside. A-Tex Pest Management lists the most common pests that are found in bathrooms or damp rooms.

Why Am I Finding Earwigs in My Bathrooms?

The earwig got the name because people were under the impression that they would crawl into a sleeping person’s ear and tunnel down the canal and possibly into their brain. They are not any more likely to crawl in an ear than any other pest. This fear made it one of the scarier pests to find in the house. They are identifiable by their dark black and brown coloring and their clippers that are on the end of their backside. They resemble a small set of pinchers. They love to look for a moist and damp place to hang out so a bathroom that has a towel thrown on the ground is a great stop. They also like to hang out under leaves and flowers in a garden. They are usually hiding away during the daytime and when the night hits they go out in search of food, water and shelter.

Do Silverfish Like Damp Areas?

This insect gets its name from the coloring of the insect itself. It has a metallic silvery color and their shape and the way that they move across the floor resemble a fish. These pests tend to be pretty sneaky and stay out of sight of people pretty well. They run very fast and choose to hide under clothes and paper items. They actually feed on anything from clothing, flour and other dry foods. They like to make a home in an area that has some dampness so they can be found in a dark basement or a bathroom that has a laundry basket for them to hide in. These pests enjoy paper product so one of the biggest problems that they cause is with books and wallpapering.

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If you come across any pests such as earwigs and silverfish give A-Tex Pest Management a call today to make an appointment for professional and expert pest control services.

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