Types of Roaches in Rollingwood, TX; Infestations of American, German & Oriental Cockroach Pests

When it comes to pest control it might surprise you to know the amount of pests that are found in many homes. The pests that come in the house can be small like an infestation of ants or even larger pests like rodents. You want to make sure you know what it takes to keep pests out of your house and what types of pests you should be concerned about. There are some pests that are a problem all year round and you want to be cautious of them. One of the types of pests that you will come across through the year are cockroaches. They are a pest that will get in the house and will start to infest your home and get in your food and other areas of your life. There are many types of cockroaches that are found in the area and each have their own unique characteristics. A-Tex Pest Management outlines what types of cockroaches you might see in your home.

American Cockroaches

One of the types of cockroaches that you will see in your home are called American cockroaches. They are one of the most common type that are found in homes and other buildings. They are on the look for moisture and dark areas that they can hide, live and nest. They are a cockroach that are large with the adults reaching near three inches in length. They are often found in areas that have moisture which means your kitchen and your bathroom are the most common spots. These are two areas that you never want to see pests in your house. The American cockroach is large and has a brown to red coloring and has a marking that sets them apart. They have a yellow mark that can look similar to a number eight on their back.

German Cockroaches

The other cockroach that is commonly found in homes all over are called a German cockroach. They are a pest that can be found inside homes more than they are found on the outside. The German cockroach is not as large as an American cockroach. They are smaller in size but they are also flat and have a lighter color. They also have a distinct set of lines down their back that can set them apart from other roaches. Lastly they have set of wings that they can use and will on a rare occasion. They would rather run which they have more control over than when they fly. They also procreate fast and can become a huge problem quickly.

Oriental Cockroaches

The third type of cockroach that you might find in your house are called an Oriental cockroach. They are not as commonly in the house but will infest your yard, trash and other areas. They are known for the look that they have which is very different than other types of cockroaches. They are shiny and black in color. They do not have any wings and will stay in dark and damp places.

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