Turkestan Cockroach Control in Your Round Rock, TX House; Identification & Prevention Tips of Turkistan Roaches

The Turkestan or Turkistan cockroach was first reported in 1978 in California and shortly after in Fort Bliss, Texas are other military bases. This cockroach species is now widely spread throughout the United States. Turkestan roaches are commonly used as pet food for reptiles and birds because they are easily maintained, unable to climb smooth surfaces, breed in large numbers, and are easy to handle. There are two things that contribute to the success of Turkestan cockroaches, which is now overtaking the oriental cockroaches. One is the development cycles of the Turkestan nymphs which are shorter, and two, adult female Turkestan cockroaches have a higher egg production than the oriental cockroaches. With a quicker life cycle, they can mature more rapidly. A-Tex Pest Management would like to share some additional information to help you identify the Turkestan cockroach intruding into your home or business.

Turkestan Cockroach Description & Identification

For proper pest management you first will need to identify your invader. Each species of cockroach will live in their most favorable habitats or environment. It’s best to know what you’re dealing with so an effective pest control company like A-Tex Pest Management will know where to find them and the best way to manage the problem. The Turkestan Cockroach will vary in color from the males to the females. The females are about 1 inch in size, dark brown with cream stripes and are wingless. The males are smaller in size, yellowish-tan in color and have rounded wings. The nymph is half black and dark red. A lot of the time the Turkestan roach will be mistaken for the oriental cockroach due to the similarities in their biology.

Turkistan Roaches in House

The Turkistan cockroach is one of the most common cockroaches in America. This species of cockroach favor hot humid climates. Even so they can and will acclimate to any condition which makes them spread all throughout the states. The Turkestan cockroach can be found in moist areas such as drain pipes, gutters, and piles of yard debris. Typically the Turkestan is more of an outside pest but they will venture inside your home. You will commonly find them in your bathroom or kitchen. Since the males are able to fly, they can access your home through any point. The females will typically come out of the drains in your home.

Turkestan Cockroach Prevention

You may wonder what draws these unwanted invaders to your home. The simplest answer is “food”. Most homeowners will keep their home free of discarded food and keep their home goods sealed. But that may not be enough. Roaches require starch and protein in their daily diet and if they can’t get into your precious home goods, they will get it in other places in your home. Paper is a favorite source of food which includes magazines, wallpaper, cardboard and books. Turkestan roaches eat other things as well, like glue, some cloths, and even human hair and nails.

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Managing cockroaches is not easy. Knowing where the Turkestan roach likes to hide helps you locate and manage the area by keeping it clean, dry and free of food. Remember also, that cockroaches are drawn to humid warm hiding places with access to water. Roach baits and sprays are helpful in keeping your problem under control. A-Tex Pest Management is experts in flushing these insects out of their hiding places. They will locate suspected areas of infestations and concentrate on these areas to help prevent further invasion to your home or business.

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