Tick Removal Dos & Dont’s in Leander, TX; How to Remove a Tick that is Embedded & Stuck in Skin

Many people fear ticks and with the many risk factors they carry, there is good reason. Everyone feels a little uneasy about the thought of a tick burrowing in their skin to find its next meal. What’s worse, most feel very unsure about the best way to remove a tick when they find one. A-Tex Pest Management is here to share some dos and don’ts when removing ticks that have been found on pets and people.

How to Remove a Tick that is Embedded & Stuck in Skin

Do- Treat the tick like you would a splinter. You should use good quality tweezers and grab it the way you would a sliver stuck in your skin.
Do- Grab the tick by the head to remove it from your skin. If you are dealing with a small tick, you will likely be grabbing the entire body. You don’t want to grab a smaller part of its body and leave any part of the tick inside your skin.
Do- Wash the area thoroughly once you have removed the tick. Wash this area just like you would a scrape or cut to eliminate the risk of infection. You may notice a pimple sized bump on your skin which is normal upon removing ticks from your skin.
Do- Dispose of the tick by either flushing it down the toilet or drowning it in alcohol. You should avoid smashing the tick with your fingers no matter how tempting.
Do- Keep your eyes out for any signs of serious illness. Ticks are carriers of many diseases, the most popular being Lyme Disease. Watch the area for any signs that could indicate illness like a flat, bullseye shaped rash. Be aware of any other symptoms that mimic the flu when you are concerned about Lyme Disease. If the tick that you pulled out of your skin is a black legged tick about the size of a poppy seed, pay extra close attention for any of these symptoms.
Do- Seek medical attention right away if you have any symptoms that could be a sign of serious illnesses like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease. If you have a problem with ticks on your property, enlist the help of A-Tex Pest Management to help you get rid of the problem. We have the experience needed to keep you and your pets safe from tick. Call us today!

How NOT to Remove a Tick

Don’t- You should never find yourself with a lit match, trying to get a tick out of your skin. This will only leave you with burnt skin. You should avoid other suffocating techniques as well including petroleum jelly and lotions. These products will only make the tick slippery and harder to remove with the right tools.
Don’t- Dig in your skin for any bits of the tick that may have broken off inside your skin. Just like a splinter, you skin will expel it naturally over the course of time. Digging for any broken parts will just further injure the area and cause unnecessary pain.

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