Meredith E

Granger TX
June 4, 2024

We’ve had a great experience with A-Tex so far. Beau did a fantastic job assessing our issues and clearly communicating what needed to be done. He provided photo proof of the issues he found then drew up clear diagrams of the spots to be treated. He was professional, polite, and very informative. Due to the number of services we needed (rodent, termite, and carpenter ant), we had several follow ups from other team members. They were also very friendly, professional, and explained everything they were doing. Josue gave us a great deal of information and was very efficient and tidy removing the rodent traps. Christopher was very accommodating, working around the physicals obstacles of our home to ensure thorough rodent exclusion coverage and termite treatment. We can see our termites dying in droves, and I feel much more secure knowing that our house is properly rodent proofed. I feel that we receive a great value for our money. I especially love that they were able to provide long-term termite treatment that won’t require repeated visits.

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