Spring Termite Swarming Season is Here!

For most of us, our homes are the largest investment we will ever make in our lives. Finding out that termites are eating your precious Austin home is not a pleasant surprise at all. You typically cannot see termites, you certainly cannot hear them, and usually only a trained inspector like we have employed at A-Tex Pest Management can detect the initial signs of a termite infestation. It is only when termites swarm during spring time or they have caused enough visible damage to your structure, that most homeowners will ever be made aware of their unwelcome presence. Many times termites are confused with ants and it takes specialized products, equipment and knowledgeable experts that have the necessary expertise to provide proper termite control and maintenance prevention strategies. A-Tex Pest Management serving the Greater Austin area has just that and then some!

Termite Inspection

After consulting with the homeowner, A-Tex Pest Management begins with a thorough termite inspection. We understand that termites need food, water and shelter to survive. We know exactly the areas on look for that are conducive to termite infestations such as:

  • Overflowing Gutters and Downspouts: this can cause excessive water near the foundation. Subterranean termites in particular prefer moist wood and when worker termites find a desirable food source, they put down a scent inviting other termites to your home
  • Leaking Utility Pipes: termites gain access to your home via utility pipes and when these pipes are leaking, this also causes moist wood that termites are attracted to. Bath traps, air conditioning condensate and drip lines can all create pools of water and offer an ideal environment for termites.
  • Mulch and Firewood: mulch piles and firewood stacks against the soil, foundation or siding of your home attract termites and welcome them to nearby foundation cracks or paths into the wood siding.
  • Mud Tubes: a sure sign of termite infestations. If you see a mud tube on the side of your Austin home, there is no doubt a termite infestation is already present. Contact A-Tex Pest Management immediately before the termites have a chance to do further structural damage.


    Termite Control and Prevention

    If termites are detected or you wish to prevent them before they start their inevitable attack on your home, A-Tex Pest Management uses the most effective methods to provide effective, long lasting termite control. We utilize Termidor which has proven to be extremely effective in protecting properties from termites. In fact, it is known as American’s #1 Termite Defense Program! It is an eco-friendly and proactively preventative method for native subterranean, Formoson and drywood termites by offering an advanced liquid technology that termites unknowingly share with the other termites. This effectively exterminates the whole colony, not just the termites in direct contact. Termidor begins protecting your home the moment the bait stations are installed. A-Tex Pest Management has certified termite specialists who will install and maintain a protective ring of bait stations around your home. Call us today for a free consultation and inspection.

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