Signs & How to Get Rid of a Squirrel in Your Jollyville, TX Attic, Roof Space or House

When you are dealing with pests, one of the first things you wonder is how they got in your house in the first place? The ways and reasons that pests get in your house are different depending on the pest that you are dealing with. One pest that is a problem in many areas are squirrels. They are known for getting in your attic and making a mess of things. They chew through insulation, wiring and more to make a suitable nest. They are also always on the hunt for a bite to eat. These are some of the things that you need to be aware of when trying to prevent them from gaining access to your house.

A-Tex Pest Management Lists Steps to Keep Squirrels Out Of Your House & Off Your Property

Stop Feeding Squirrels: One of the things you will hear pest control professionals say about almost any pest out there is to take away their food. When you have some form of food that is readily available to a pest they will take advantage of it. Some are easy to know like a box of spilled cereal of leftovers in the sink. When it comes to squirrels there are areas that you might not realize are a food source for them. They don’t always come indoors for food but they start on your property. If you have fruits or nut trees you are feeding squirrels. Although we don’t recommend removing the trees you can rake the yard and remove the debris that falls off. Your vegetable garden is a great place to find squirrels poking around. Netting is a great way to stop them from getting in. If you have a bird feeder you need to take steps to ensure that squirrels cannot gain access. If they are hung from a tree you want to remove them immediately. You need to extend it from a pole in the grass and the pole should have a squirrel shield to stop them from climbing and eating all the seeds intended for the birds. The more you take away the less you will see them hanging around your property.
Deter Squirrels from House: When you see squirrels out in their natural element they are in the trees! That is the place they feel most at home and the place they want to be. Squirrels will also use the tree branches to get from one place to another. You need to look at your property and see what trees are close to your home and have branches hanging over. If you see any it is best to have them trimmed back. The squirrels will use them to jump from the tree to your roof. They can then gain access to your attic and other areas of your home. You want to have them trimmed back on a regular basis.

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