Raccoon Trying to Get in My Wells Branch, TX House? What Attracts Raccoons & How to Keep Out

No one wants to be awoken in the night to the sound of scratching in the walls, attic or basement. This is often the sound of an intruder such as a raccoon, squirrel or rodent. When these types of pests enter your home you may feel violated and under attack. The problem is that they are dangerous to have in your house for many reasons. One of them happen to be that they can and often do carry disease that can be transferred to anyone in your house. They also can and will cause damage to your house that can leave you with home repairs that you will need to pay for. You want to make sure that you are not inviting these pests in and if you find one in the house you do what you can to get them out. One of the most common pests to find getting in your house are raccoons. Although they look cute and cuddly they are a wild animal and should be treated as such.

A-Tex Pest Management Offers Tips for How to Get Raccoons Out of the Walls of Your Home

What Attracts Raccoons?: When it comes to raccoons you want to make sure that you use caution when you see one. If they are coming in and around your home it is best to find out why and remove the attraction. There are two main things that a raccoon and many other wildlife will be looking for such as food and water. If they have easy access to these two things they are likely to get in your house and on your property. Be sure to keep an eye out for leaking pipes, bird baths and even pooled up water from rain or sprinklers. You want to have these water features handled right away to stop creating a watering hole for the raccoons. They also are on the hunt for food and that means your pet food, bird feeders and even your trash can. If any of that is left out you want to make sure that it is removed and taken out of the area or sealed up.
What to Do if a Raccoon Tries to Approach You or Is in Your House: When it comes to raccoons they are more active at night and will be out and about in search of food and water. That is why most people notice them when the lights go out pillaging the trash can. They also can be in the walls or creating noise in the night while you try and sleep. If you happen to come across one it is important to leave the immediate area as well as keep an eye on the animal if you can. This will let you find out where it is going while keeping a safe distance. They are not an aggressive species but will go into defense if they are blocked in or startled. Once you have located what you believe to be a raccoon you need to call a pest control company right away.
Hiring Pest Control for Raccoon Removal: When we arrive we will inspect the property for signs that there is in fact a raccoon. We also will be able to find where the raccoons are gaining access to the house as well as trap them. We can then safely remove the raccoon(s) and release them in an area that is acceptable to them and their habitat that is more conducive.

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