Pigeon Control in Garfield, TX; What Attracts Pigeons & How to Keep Nuisance Birds Away from Roof etc

Is your home or business building plagued with pigeons? They nest and leave their feces everywhere. This can leave your home or buildings dirty, damaged and even susceptible to slip and fall accidents. Pigeon control is important for those with an overwhelming population of pigeons. These pests of the sky can be rather difficult to control. However with the right management tools, along with prevention methods, your home or commercial building can eliminate pigeon activity.

What Attracts Pigeons to a House or Commercial Building?

Most homeowners might wonder why there are more pigeons on their roof than their neighbors. This is rather a simple question to answer. You are providing resources for them, whether it’s a good nesting ground, ample food or water, your home or business has something the pigeons need. Start by looking around your home. Do you have a bird feeder in your yard or even pet food for your outdoor pets? Do you have a leaky garden hose or even an outdoor water feature, such as a pond or pool? You might be surprised at what a pigeon will eat. Additionally, here in Texas, water is a valuable resource and once pigeons learn where to find food or water they won’t fly far, or they will return where they know they can find these resources. If you’re unknowingly providing pigeons with food or water, they are also most likely to nest somewhere on your home especially under eves or overhangs. As a homeowner, you will find depriving pigeons of food or water will keep them away. They will leave to find easier sources of food.

Commercial Nuisance Bird Control

Commercial properties have one of the hardest battles when it comes to fighting pigeons. Unlike a homeowner who can make some changes to the property to dissuade pigeon activity, a large commercial property doesn’t have the help of their patrons. Yes, most people view commercial properties as someone else’s problem. They will discard unwanted food which provides plenty of treats for pigeons. This is why commercial property owners, in order to help reduce pigeon activity, must regularly clean their grounds and properly dispose of the garbage.

How to Keep Pigeons Away from My Roof & Balcony

Keeping food and water resources down aren’t your only defense against pigeons. Your next step in preventing a major pigeon infestation is by applying pigeon control devices. Begin by preventing pigeons from roosting or nesting on your home or commercial property. Pigeons like to roost or land on ledges of walls and buildings. Therefore most professional pest control companies will use spiked strips to go across ledges and areas where pigeons are prone to perch or land. They will also use various netting materials to cover eaves or overhangs where pigeons like to nest. This will prevent reproduction in the area. There are also scare tactics. Some homeowners will use sound or light devices to scare pigeons away or even use predatory animal figures such as owls, hawks, or even dummy snakes to scare pigeons off. However over time pigeons can become accustomed to these figures and they may not be detracted by them.

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If you have a major pigeon problem you may want to contact a professional pest control company that knows how to handle pigeons. A-Tex Pest Management has been dealing with these pests of the sky from sometime. If you need help with pigeon control around your home or business, contact A-Tex Pest Management today.

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