Nuisance Bird Control Methods in Del Valle, TX; How to Keep Pigeons, Starlings, Grackles & Other Nesting Birds Away

Birds such as pigeons, starlings and grackles are a common problem throughout Texas. Roosting or nesting birds pose a major problem to our homes. The roof can be compromised by bird droppings due to its high level of acid. Not only do birds leave droppings all over the roof and nearby structures (including sidewalks where they are a slip and fall hazard) they can also spread disease and carry mites. To help prevent roosting or nesting birds around your home, A-Tex Pest Management will share some tips on bird control.

How to Keep Pigeons, Starlings & Grackles Away

To help prevent roosting or nesting birds there is some action you can take. One of the first steps to work on is to eliminate food and water sources. Birds will stay close to a dependable water or food source. If you are providing them this essential need, they will stay close to your home. Avoid leaving trash cans open or expose your garbage in any way. Don’t leave out pet food or water dishes as bird will gladly help themselves. Next you will want to prevent standing water. Keep gutters clean, sprinkler systems repaired, and remove bird baths or pet water bowls when your pets are not outside. You can’t actually prevent birds completely. However, by removing the essential resources, you will have less roosting or nesting birds around your home.

Bird Exclusion & Control Tips

After taking the steps in preventing birds from roosting or nesting on your home, you will want to work on exclusion. Exclusion is another essential step in controlling birds. Exclusion starts by keeping the birds from roosting or nesting on your roof or nearby structures. Many birds love to nest on top of roofs and inside chimneys. A ¾ inch wire fencing material to cover over the chimney and along the in-coves of the roof will prevent birds from nesting in these areas. Birds tend to roosts along the edges and peeks of rooftops. You can install spike strips on the roof as well. These spiked strips can keep birds from landing and roosting on the roof. You can also use decoys, faux owls and hawks can be placed on the roof which can scare birds away. However, decoys are only effective for a short period of time as birds can become accustomed to decoys. You can also use sound or light devices that repel birds. These devices use motion sensors and can scare the birds as they land on the roof or other popular roosting sites.

Roosting & Nesting Bird Inspections, Exclusions, Control, Removal & More in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Cedar Park & Austin Texas

After playing your part in controlling pesky birds around your home and find you still need more help to keep birds away, contact a professional pest control company. A professional pest control service can better analyze the situation. They can see what is drawing the birds to your particular home. Next they will help provide bird control services that will better prevent roosting or nesting birds around your home. In some cases bird traps can be used to reduce bird population in more severe cases. If you have birds that constantly roost or nest on your roof or around your home and you need professional bird control services, contact A-Tex Pest Management today.

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