Is Spring the Season for Mud Daubers in Point Venture, TX? How to Deal with Nests, Prevent Wasps & More

One species of wasp you will find in Texas are mud daubers. They are called mud daubers because of the way they make their nests, with mud. Mud daubers are long and slender with a thread-like waist and measure ½ inch to over an inch. They are usually black and can have pale markings or a metallic luster. They are solitary wasps that are not social and don’t live in colonies. Even if they get thoroughly aroused, the chances of getting stung are very small but they might sting if mishandled. Female mud daubers will make nests out of mud. The nest will have lots of short mud tubes that are about an inch long and built side by side. These nests can be found in sheltered areas like under porches, eaves, and in garages and sheds that stay open for too long, and in barns and attics. These nests will have holes in them that the wasps will use to get in and out. They like to eat spiders to feed their larvae and do so by paralyzing the spider with venom and bringing it to their nests. Their prey is not killed because dead prey would decompose and isn’t a good food source for the larvae.

How to Deal with Mud Dauber Nests

Wasps almost always evoke a lot of anxiety or fear, but they won’t defend their nest such as hornets and yellow jackets. The fact these wasps are beneficial and non-aggressive, won’t put those afraid or allergic to wasps at ease but prompt and frequent removal of nests is recommended. As with any wasp nest, you should always approach with caution and you can remove them if there’s no risk of getting stung or no allergic reaction possibilities. You can remove the nest with a strong stream from a garden hose and use putty knives to scrape of nests as they are being built and wash away any residual mud with sprays of water. You can place bird feeders in your yard to attract those birds that will eat the wasps. In addition, the eaves and wood trim of your home can be painted pale blue. This seems to discourage mud daubers from building nests. If you want to reduce the chances of a future nest or activity, seal off any harborage site like cracks and holes. Make your home undesirable to mud daubers by hiring regular pest control to remove food sources, washing webs away and keeping an eye on active nest construction. Insecticides in areas of activity can be used to deter them.

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Mud daubers start to become active in spring and grow their populations all year long. Mud daubers can be considered beneficial as they help control spider populations. They help control black widow populations because they are a favorite food source of mud daubers. These wasps will not defend their nests and the stings of these wasps are very rare but that doesn’t mean they’re not a nuisance. Any nest of stinging pests should always be removed by professionals if you find them around your home because their empty nests can be taken over by other stinging pests that can be more dangerous. If they become a nuisance, contact A-Tex Pest Management for recommendations and help!

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