Is it Normal to have Mice in Your Crawlspace in Hudson Bend, TX? How Do I Mouse Proof It?

When it comes to the winter months, mice will do whatever they need to to make sure that their needs are being met. Sometimes, this means that they find spaces that you aren’t likely to find them. If you have a crawl space, this is a place that mice love. The reasons why they love crawl spaces so much are many. A-Tex Pest Management is here to talk about mice and crawl spaces and what makes this spot ideal for them to thrive throughout the winter months.

How are Mice Getting into My Crawlspace?

There is no place in your house where you feel comfortable with mice being there. The crawl space should be no different. We would like to talk through some of the reasons why mice find your crawl space so appealing.
– Warmth: They are always going to be looking for someplace warm to hide out during the winter. Even though you might not think of your crawl space as a particularly warm spot, mice will find it a refuge from the winter weather.
– Food: Another thing that mice will be looking for is food. If they are in the crawl space, this means that they have likely found some way to get into your house and have access to the food there. They may have gotten into your garage and have access to your trash cans which will also provide them with the food that they need for the winter.
– Moisture: Most crawl spaces are somewhat moist. This is another essential thing that mice need for survival. If you have any moisture in your crawl space, you might find that mice are going to be flocking there.
– Nesting: When a mouse is building a nest, they will look for places that don’t have much disturbance. A crawl space is the ideal place to build a nest and have it go untouched.

Problems with Mice in Crawl Spaces

If you have mice in your crawl space, it can prove to be a problem for you and your house. Here are some of the problems that can come from mice in the crawl space:
– They are likely contaminating your food
– Their droppings, urine, and saliva can introduce allergens and germs to your house
– You might see damage to your personal belongings with chewing and nesting
– They can cause minor to significant damage to your home in many ways
– You will be at a greater risk of an electrical fire if they have chewed on any of the wire in your house

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If you are concerned that there are mice in your house, you can turn to A-Tex Pest Management to get rid of them. We have the expertise needed to successfully eradicate rodents from your house. We will make sure they aren’t making a home in your home this winter. Call us today!

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