Interesting Random Facts About Squirrels; Symbolism, Teeth Growth, Communication, Nests, Diet & Removal!

Squirrels are adorable; but only when they haven’t infiltrated our homes. With a whopping 285 species of squirrels skittering across the world, they vary and size and color. In the western African trees, dwells tiny 1/2 ounce pygmy squirrels, to a near 20 pounds of cuteness in Kazakhstan.

A-Tex Pest Management would like to take the time to offer you some fun and interesting random facts concerning the squirrel.

~ Squirrels have the capability of finding food enveloped by a foot of snow. All living things needs to eat, even squirrels during the cold, winter months. Squirrels, along with other animals, have an amazing sense of smell, allowing them to smell even through blankets of snow. A squirrel will tunnel through the snow until at last it has reached his reward.
~ Like most wild animals, the squirrel bulks up, and puts on a little extra chunk to keep warm in the winter months.
~ Like many rodents, the squirrel’s front teeth never stop growing. The word “rodent” is originally derived from the Latin word “rodere“, which defined, means to gnaw.
~ Squirrels take a lot of time and pride in their scavenging skills. When they find food, they bury it for later. Squirrels actually lose 25% of their stash to pilfering. Birds and other squirrels will always take advantage of discovered loot.
~ Squirrels have escape plans when evading predators. Serpentine and zig-zag patterns are commonly used in the squirrel community to retreat. These foolish little critters will attempt to use their arsenal when fleeing vehicles, sadly it rarely works one sided. If you see these little guys attempting to cross the road, maybe give them right of way.
~ Knowing thieves infiltrate their stashes, squirrels will throw off potential food robbers by pretending to bury their cache.
~ New born squirrels are only about an inch long.
~ Squirrels are extremely acrobatic, intelligent and can adapt easily.
~ Squirrels contribute to new tree growth. They don’t always get around to collecting all their spoils, so a nut left buried in the ground often results in a fresh new tree.
~ Squirrels only mate twice a year. Their nests are known as dreys.
~ Squirrel sweat glands are located on their feet. Running about 20 miles an hour, squirrels both have speed and reflexes for survival.
~ Though their little diets is mostly grains and nuts, squirrels will eat almost anything.
~ Squirrels communicate in diverse ways. Using several vocalizations, scent markings and even using their tails to warn fellow squirrels.
~ Most squirrels become trusting, and will eventually eat out of a humans hand.
~ There are 44 species belonging to the “flying squirrel“. Where the squirrels are not actually flying, they are using a membrane that stretches from their wrists to ankles and is used to glide through the air, similarly to us using a parachute.
~ In many native American tribes, the squirrel is used a symbolism for preparation, trust and thriftiness.

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The squirrels running around are some of natures little adorable balls of fur, flitting around our neighborhoods with hurried purpose. Sometimes these guys find our homes way too inviting to pass up. Like most rodents they can cause damage to the structure to build their own little nests or dreys. If you find you have some squatters that don’t seem to take the hint, allow A-Tex Pest Management to come and trap these little critters, and place them back into the wild, far from residential developments. Contact us today to resolve all of your pest and wildlife concerns!

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