Interesting Facts About Ants in Sunset Valley, TX; Follow the Line, Carrying Heavy Things & More

There are many interesting and odd animals and pests around the world that have behaviors that might make you wonder. If you think about how they all get where they are going and why they act the way they do it might make you wonder. They each have their own unique traits and characteristics that make them up but the way they act might be due to other needs. Just like people they have things that they do to make life easier and to adapt to the surrounding that they are in. When it comes to ants they have a unique lifestyle that make them quite interesting.

A-Tex Pest Management Lists Ant Teamwork & Other Facts About Ants

Ants Follow the Line: One of the things you will notice about ants is that they seem to always be traveling in a line. They might be congregating in an area where they are eating or collecting food. They might be traveling around the opening of their home. If you are walking around with your family you don’t walk in a straight line but ants seem to. Ants tend to walk in a line to travel to find food or shelter. The reason that they do that is because they are trying to stay on the right path. Each ant that is in the line will lay down a pheromone that the ant behind can pick up on. Then the next ant will do the same and so on. That is why they follow the line because they follow the scent that is left by the one in front. If you ever place a rock in the line the ants will look very confused and start to panic. That is because there is no pheromone path to follow so they need to figure out how to get around or get back home.
Ants Carrying Heavy Things: Identifying a large object is relative to a given situation. If an adult were carrying something large it would be vastly different than if an ant were carrying something that is large. An ant is a very small pest but they have a huge amount of strength. They are able to carry up to 100 times their own body weight. You might see a tiny ant that is carrying a crumb of food that is much larger than them along the path back to their nest. This can be interesting but it is just the way it is with ants. They need to be able to carry and bring back enough food to feed the colony to get through the winter months.
Ants Don’t Breathe Like Us: One of things that are interesting to many people is how they are able to breath. Their body is too small to carry a set of lungs so they have a different way to get oxygen in their body. They have tiny holes along their body that are able to bring in the oxygen and distribute it through the body. This is how they are able to breath and have enough room to keep them alive.

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